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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chippy is living green

IMG_4758Small3Yes, our friend Steve has finally make peace with our big brother the Sun and has started is "solar adventure".

Of course we had lots to talk about but I held back on saying too much about UMPCs. On the way back he was telling me how pocket PCs don't have the right OS, how the communicator has the same problem and how he wanted a small windows XP (not Vista - he still has some DOS programs that need to run) machine. When I showed him the Q1b back at the tent he was amazed and when I connected to the Internet on the spot he couldn't believe it. I passed my card over and smiled saying that I hadn't expected to be promoting UMPCs face-to-face on this tour!

I have been reading his comments and thinking for myself, would I do something like that? I would like, but I think that I'm too old already. Tongue out

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