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Friday, August 24, 2007

James vs Mark, all about Vista

James, every day Vista runs just fine on my original Q1. I’ll put my app usage up against anyone but a developer. Every day I run Outlook, ERP, SQL, Firefox/IE, Excel all at the same time, often with Live Writer and OneNote open too.

I agree that 512k isn’t enough. 1 gig of RAM ran fine for me. 2 gigs in the Q1 is beautiful. I hit 100% on the processor long before I use up the RAM now.

I also agree that the new Intel mobile processors, the A1xx series, can’t keep up. I think they were a response to the threat from VIA and that they sacrifice too much performance for a boost in battery life.

The above is part of an article published today by Mark at Ultranauts talking about another article published today by James Kendrick from JKonTheRun where basically he was saying that Vista was not the best OS for UMPCs.

Vista will not run well on mobile devices in the foreseeable future. 

What I think about these two articles? My opinion is mixed. I agree with Mark in most of what he said. I'm too currently running Vista in my Q1 which run about 40% slower than the Core Duo processor which according to James is the only processor capable of running Vista and I'm very happy with the way it performs. I would like a better performance when I'm using "movie maker" but hey! this is a UMPC after all!

Like Mark, I do not have all those problems described by James in his article and like Mark I'm also confused when I see that James still use UAC. James, you have lived your whole life without that tool. Believe me, you don't need that. 50% of all your HDD trashing probably is produced by UAC checking and rechecking everything you do.

So where I agree with James and disagree with Mark? In a very simple point: Mark and me have spent sometime optimizing the system and I, like James, do not think that customers should optimize the OS before they can enjoy the benefits of it. Performance should be there since the first minute you turn your UMPC on. The average Joe does not know how to stop UAC, how and what services can be stopped because you are not using them and probably will never us them -who the heck is going to connect a 56 kb modem to an UMPC to send and receive faxes?- or how to open the registry and changes "undocumented" keys.

I do think that the Origami team should play a more active role. They had already some experience in OE for XP where they optimized the OS for the touch experience, so my question is, why not optimize Vista for a better performance in UMPCs? Why not make that a part of a new version of Origami Experience?

I hate to say this but I agree with James. While I consider Vista the best OS for UMPCs and I do not have any major performance issues with Vista, I do not see at this moment any UMPC with Vista installed ready to hit the market. The performance of UMPC with Vista installed right out of the box is just BAD in upper case. And OEM should work with Microsoft to bring to the market not just the "latest OS"  but the "Better OS" we have seen running in UMPC and Tablet PC devices.

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