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Monday, August 06, 2007

What useful a UMPC can be

 Here is what a proud Q1 Owner wrote at Origami Project Forum:

I'm not huge on writing on these boards but this topic is near and dear to me.... I bought a Q1 last November off of Woot! Quite honestly I had never seen anything like it before and never heard the acronym UMPC but it was just so cool looking and I couldn't help to think of the possibilities of a unit that small with a full blown version of XP on it (USB and wireless... limitless right?).... I consider myself a techno jock and always have the new and cool things but somehow these had slipped by me (riducously poor advertising for these units in my opinion, I mean c'mon you could have a 15 second commercial on The Weather Channel with no audio in the middle of the night that would sell more units than have been sold to date for all manufacturers...) and I've had a million techno gadgets that I thought were going to change my life but I mean when I say the Q1 has changed my life.... I use it in all aspects of my day.... I drive to work with it hooked up in my car, check my emails (USB modem and a VPN connection) watch a little ESPN (Slingbox and a tape drive audio connection to my Q1 to broadcast from my stereo speakers) and perhaps a hand of poker or two (pokerpages.com). I get to work and all day long I use MS One Note (the single most important piece of software ever created for UMPC's again horribly under-advertised... what up Microsoft?). This program helps me take notes at meetings, record any service calls I get (which is a bunch) send my hand written notes to my boss in a word doc and man is it cool when I hook my Q1 up to a projector and record a groups thoughts and ideas as they are coming out of their heads on the big screen. Thank god all those yellow paper tablets and post-it notes are out of my life!!! Any chance I get I'm checking my google reader, gotta check out the newest jkontherun, ultramobilepctips, gottabemobile, engadgetmobile and gizmodo among many others.... trying to stay up to date.... leaving work I am hooking up my USB GPS for directions to where ever the hang out is for the evening... usually I get there and am hooking my Q1 to my Western Digital 120 Gig USB HD and a set of 3.5 mm speakers I keep in the back seat of my car for emergencies so we can listen to the battery of music I have. Drive home listening to WMP11 and watching some sweet visuals from G-force (trial version is great, full version... awesome). Get home surf for hours from my couch or in the backyard. Go to bed and do it again the next day. Its been 10 months and I'm only using the unit more and more.... I have upgraded it to 2 gigs of ram (which is key) and bought pretty much every piece of outside equipment you can think of... (best item is the Samsung carrying case and keyboard which essentially makes it a full blown laptop). I just recently upgraded to Vista Ultimate and the unit is a monster now...  I was nervous because I heard a lot of complaints about Vista but my unit runs it like a champ, faster than with XP and the tablet features for Vista are just incredible.... (once some computer ninja writes a driver for Aero with my 915 Intel chipset my life will be complete) so I can definitely see why this has made the list and my boss just got a Q1U with Vista Home on it and it did seem like less a unit (although the screen itself is far superior, wonder if I can upgrade mine?) I wouldn't give up my Q1 for anything currently on the market... I'm waiting for something to knock it off its pedestal and thought the new Samsung would be it but now I'm convinced mines superior... Maybe I'll have to wait for the Q1Ultra Ultra Ultra Mobile PC... until then my Q1 is the best gadget I've ever purchased and I have no desire to replace it with any of the newer units I've seen hit the market... Way to go Samsung!

Nothing left to say. I also love my Q1 and so far I have not seen anything better in the market. Seriously and Honestly.

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