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Friday, August 03, 2007

can you help ThoughtFix?

We are living a tuff time here in USA. While our current President is "busy" in Iraq our internal economy is going really bad. And when I say Internal Economy I mean our pockets. I compare prices of everything from 9 years ago when I came to USA to current prices and they are around 3 times higher. That's a 300%! And companies usually give you a 4 to 5% of salary raise every year. So in a period of 10 years your salary has gone up in around 54% -if you are really lucky and your company really like you- while prices went up 300%. In another hand we have a huge real estate crisis. In the last 5 years house prices went up in more than 200% in some states thanks to very low interest rates offered by banks as a way to try to balance the economy and end the depression. Now the interest is not that low, the prices are going down because there is not a high demand for houses and the foreclosure level in the whole USA is going up and up.   States like Florida are suffering from another crisis: The Home Insurance price. The two years ago Hurricane season is now hitting us again hard in our pockets. We are paying at this moment almost the same amount of money in insurance that what we pay banks for our loans. In just one year my home payment went up in around 400 dollars to give you an idea.

And you may think, why Ctitanic is telling us all this? Well because today I read a sad news about Daniel also known to all of us by the nick name of Thoughtfix. His company felt victim of this crisis that I just described and the only solution that they found did not look to good for our friend. So, Daniel is looking for a job.

It's time for me to expand my horizons. If you are looking for someone with advanced systems administration skill, technical writing skill, blogging history, and high level knowledge of Internet operation and culture, send me a ring. I am up for travel or relocation - even internationally. Take a look at an older resume of mine and learn what ThoughtFix can do for YOUR company.

To me is always sad when I see somebody with such talent in this situation and I which him all the luck possible because he really need it. Good luck Daniel. This is all I can do for you at this moment my friend.

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