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Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Intel, now VIA!

VIA Announces New processor running at the amazing speed of... 500MHz! According to VIA this processor use only 1 watts, if used in a device to total around 10 watts we should see twice the battery life that we are used to see in current VIA UMPC. Now check this table, as you can see it takes 1500 VIA's MHz to reach a performance close to a 900 MHz using no cache at all, like the one used in the old R2H. So in another words, there is not way this processor could be used in any Windows UMPC -thanks God all I would die from a heart attack.

A 500MHz processor isn’t going to be enough to run, say, Windows Vista on a UMPC but it’d be just fine for running an embedded version of Linux or similar proprietary operating system. The big draw here would be extended battery life. Typical UMPCs draw around 20-25 watts of power so if you were to use a system with this new VIA chipset totaling around 10 watts, you’d get about twice as much time between charges.

Now you see why did not applaud Intel's A110 processor. Too bad example.

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PS. Thanks Steve for the correction.