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Thursday, August 30, 2007

GottaBeMobile.com - Trying To Decide On a UMPC Purchase

Warner has written a very good article summarizing the options for those in the market looking for UMPC.

I’ve been giving some thought to what comes next for me regarding an Ultra-Mobile PC. There are a lot of shiny new options out there, but I have to admit it is tough going looking through the options available and comparing them to my needs. For what it is worth, I’m sharing my thoughts here. Share your responses if you care to.

I have to say that I fully agree with Warner. I currently have the eo v7110 and the Q1 and I have not seen anything in the market to make me jump, sell these devices and buy a new one. But the question is, if you do not have any UMPC, what would you pick? Difficult question. Like Warner, I already know that A110 is not for me. At least using Vista. So that leave me one option, the new Asus R2Hv. That would be the machine that I would recommend to people looking for UMPCs today. But of course, I'm looking for performance. If somebody is asking me for battery life and good enough performance I would recommend the Q1U with XP installed. In fact, any A110 with XP installed would be good enough for 90% of the users out there. The HTC Shift with XP would be a really good machine for many users, probably even better than the Q1U-XP.

That's what I would recommend to other, I... I will for the next round. I'm pleased with my Q1 after all. Very pleased.

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