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Friday, August 03, 2007

Samsung Unveils Ultra Mobile PC

Where this guy has been all this time! A year and a half later he found the UMPCs!!!!!!!!!!!! The title of his article attracted me because I though that he was talking about a new UMPC from Samsung that I did not know, but I was wrong, he was not talking about anything new, he was not talking about the Q1U, he was talking about the Original Q1 with Celeron Processor that really was unveiled by Samsung more than 18 months ago!

According to Samung, this is by far the first and only device incorporating the UMPC platform developed by Microsoft and Intel, as part of the Origami project.

And of top of misinforming all the readers with things like the above quote, he even misspelled Samsung. I'll tried to find a way to leave a comment on that site or his personal blog with my link on it to give him a little bit more information about UMPCs.

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