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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hava, the slingbox competition

Hava is "Wireless solution for high quality home viewing, multicasting and remote viewing". In another words, the SlingBox competition, with the difference that the SlingBox needs to be connected to your WiFi router using a ethernet cable while Hava is fully WiFi compatible.


  1. Looks like HAVA is Sling + Something extra

  2. Hey, I hear that the HAVA box does not provides video streaming over the internet if the speed is less than 300 Kbps. Well that is something I really need to think about as in my area AT&T is not providing speeds higher than 512 Kbps upload which at any given point of time will be around a minimum of 256 Kbps. I don't know if I can have this optimized soon. Victor, When is your HAVA box expected? As you said that you will explore more of it once you get it. Could you explore this fact as well?

  3. I have been longing for some device which sets me free from those messy cables. It is a real pain when my dad asks me to clean my room and I am scared that will have to call that good for nothing 800 numbers to seek assistance as for which cable goes where. Now with HAVA I can at least forget about pulling the TV cable to my room and the telephone cable and the network cable. I am sure that my life is going to be easier after installing HAVA. The next thing I need is to trade my desk PC for a nice notebook and I am heading for a life free from tangles.

  4. It will no doubt be an alternative for so many things in one box.I am not that computer savvy,and it gets even worst when it comes to connecting cables from front and rear of the computer.I had a Tivo which I was told will resolve my time constraints but still I had to be in my Living room to watch any pre recorded program.Now I had been told by my son that I can even watch it in my Bed Room that too without any additional Cables.All I need would be this New Device called "HAVA".I had already ordered one.

  5. I got my HAVA.It is amazing.I am paid in full.


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