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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

cPC is not shipping in USA yet

Yesterday Carrypad.com was reporting that cPC was being shipped to USA resellers. The rumor was denied quickly by DualCor in a comment left at CarryPad:
Sorry.. The cPC is not shipping in the USA yet. We are still in the process of finalizing the unit. We appreciate your continued interest and will be informed as to when it is released.

Any new UMPC is welcome, I'm one of those that think that there is market for any of these small devices but in my opinion the cPC lack of one of the most important features for a device of this side: connectivity. No WiFi, no BT, that is a big NO NO for most of the people looking for a device like this. Just think that the vision of many of the software giants like Microsoft, Google and others is that in the future applications like Office wont be installed in clients but are going to be Web Based applications. Even the nowadays Pocket PCs has BT and WiFi so I do not think that the cPC is going to have a big success more when the predicted price for this device is not going that low to compete with Pocket PC, OQO, Sony and the new Origami devices all of them with connectivity integrated. The idea of having to dock your PC everytime you need Internet is not bad but no good enough for many, including me.

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