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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

XXClone - A Must have Freeware

A few days ago somebody in Origami Project Forum mentioned to me a program to clone HDDs. So far I have been using Ghost for this kind of tasks but when I started to read XXClone web site I found that this program was using in this task a complete different method. Imagine that you can clone your HDD without leaving your Windows environment and even more... without having to stop what you are doing in your PC. This program copy files from your current in use HDD to any other HDD that can be even connected using an USB port. Once the process of copying all files - including system files, registry, etc - ends the program makes your new HDD bootable and all you have to do is swap the HDDs. When the new HDD is used for the first time as master, the program runs again one more time verifying that all your partitions are keeping the proper letters and that the whole process was ended successfully. From all this you can see the advantage of this program versus Ghost. Your new duplicated HDD was defragmented during the process; you can create backups of your HDD without having to open your PC, notebook, tablet pc or UMPC. It's in a few words a MUST HAVE for those thinking about to upgrade their current HDDs.

Probably you wont believe all that I'm saying because that was how I felt when I read about the program for the first time. I could not believe it either until I took an old PC, added a slave HDD and cloned the master HDD, all within Windows 2000. The two HDD were 20 GB HDD with around 3 GB of data in the master HDD. The process took about 15 Mins. Once all files were copied I unplugged the old HDD and replaced it with the just cloned one. Turned ON the PC and... Even the Desktop Shortcuts were in the same position where they were in the old HDD!

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