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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tip: PageUp and Page Down Reassignment

Yesterday one of our readers asked me about the reassignment of the Page Up and Down Buttons in eos. I never liked the way these two buttons work when you are in a Browser, it jumps from link to link. And when Inn in a document the jump to next Page like confuse me a little bit. So the reassignment of these two buttons to Scroll up and Scroll down Mouse functionality seemed to me a good idea. And this is how is done.

You go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Tablet and Pen Settings.

Click on Tablet Buttons, Select "Up Button" from the left list and then click "Change" and follow the instruction s from the net two screen shots.

Select Down Button...

I'm sure that eo Owners will love the way these two buttons work after this change.


  1. Hello, Cititanic !

    I have a question for the OE.
    On the front down, are there a security kensignton ?

  2. Sorry, I do not understand your question :(

  3. I am sorry, it is difficult for me... My english is bad.

    If you look of face a EO, on the section down, there is a notch. Is this a notch to put a lock of safety ?

    Another subject : a new message from TabletKiosk for the extended battery. With a new delay... :

    - "At this time we only have white 3-Cell batteries avaialbe"...

    - "We will not have Black 6-Cell batteries avaialbe till end of Aug, early Sept"...

    - "White 6-Cell Batteries should be avaialbe within the next two weeks"...

  4. Probably that's the use of that hole but it could be also just a hole needed to keep the eo in possition in the cradle.

    About the latest news in the battery... Thanks Jeff for keeping us informed.

    About your English... it's better than my French ;) My English is far from being perfect too that's why I use to call it "my Broken English" :D The good thing is that at least we can talk in other languages ;)

  5. Ok, Cititanic.

    A notch to put a lock of safety is a good idea, specialy for Origamis/UMPC.

    In French, Switzerland and Belgium, there is currently many of flights of PCs in the trains, including in the first classes on Eurostar (Paris/London) or Thalys (Paris/Brussel) !!

    A notch for lock security is necssary on UMPCs by definition, I think.

  6. And, now, with my EO "ITSLABEL" and Notebook Hardware Control ON, i have 1h45, Wifi ON and screen 25%.

    For information, my EO have 512MB only, with 40 Go (5400 rpm).

  7. Well, it's low, but the one we had with problems only lasted around 1:25 h


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