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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

38% of Tableteers love UMPCs

According to a poll published at TabletPC Buzz, 38% of TabletPC fans have bought or will buy an UMPC. That's a huge number taking in consideration that no everybody needs a companion PC.


  1. To be fair, this is an extremely biased group of individuals. Also, 28% said "considering". I am considering, but I most likely won't.

    I still think they need to get the price down and Microsoft has to be honest with ISV's about the sales figures, as low as they may be. I'd rather know that they sold 20,000 than not know if they sold 20 or 20,000,000.

  2. If you are considering that means that you like the concept. The price is the main reason why that 28% is "considering"|

  3. Right but you said "38% of TabletPC fans have bought or will buy an UMPC". You can't assume someone that is considering "will buy".

    Considering could mean (and likely means) I'm here looking for info or I have a question. That question could be "when are the prices coming down?" or "you mean it really doesn't have a keyboard?" or "are there any that fit in your pocket?"

    There are more issues the Origami needs to tackle than just price. Price is a big one, but others are holding it back as well. Just take a look at the far more positive "press" that the Sony is getting. I wouldn't buy it cause it costs a bundle, but its form factor is much nicer.

  4. Well, I would not buy a Sony even if the price goes down to 800 dollars, just because of the screen size, I don't need the keyboard and that size of screen make it for me useless using ink (you have to write from two words to two words each time). I do not have good eyes and that tiny font is not good at all for me. I'm having problem with my UMPC when I switch to 1020x480 in a 7" so I do not know what I'm gonna do in a 5 inches with that resolution.

    The press is generally better with Sony because Sony is no doubt about it the leader in external design. Another point that the press like is that IT HAS KEYBOARD (like if that keyboard is going to be more efficient than using the Stylus)! But even in the good press reviews that I have read many are pointing to two main issues, price and screen size.

    Anyway... The bottom line and the message that I want to transmit is that the UMPC concept is here to stay and that even the big brothers (tableteers) feel some attraction for UMPCs.

  5. I wouldn't buy a SONY either, as it's battery life isn't that much better than Samsung---especially for the price. I too have vision problems, so I am assuming the UMPC could be difficult for me as well...strike two for Sony as it's too small. At least the UMPC could double as a mobile DVD player for family trips, etc.

    I for one will use the stylus for mobile input, and a keyboard for more typing. But, as the reviews have stated, the Samsung, or UMPC for that matter is not meant to be a desktop/laptop replacement. These are a "Mobile" device that is much like PDA's are being used now.

    The price is not that horrible, while compared to a PDA that costs $400-$500 and is very limited in software, etc.

    I just purchased a used Samsung for $925 with shipping on Ebay and it still has the BestBuy warranty. I plan to use it in my classroom, providing it will output to a Data Projector sufficiently. If not, I'll put it up for resale.

    We'll see, but I just don't care for all of the UMPC bad PR due to the fact that everyone is looking at this device as a PC replacement. It is a device meant to allow people to be mobile and sync with a desktop.

  6. Okay okay. :) Sony vs Samsung aside (because everyone has preferences) the main point of my comment was about your interpretation of the results.

  7. Josh a little bit of manipulation from my site to help UMPC starting community is valid no? ;)

  8. UMPC Teacher, The bad press missed the sence of the phrase "companion pc". ;)

    Josh, I'm glad to see you here. I hope that that means you are thinking about my TEO relative email ;)

    Is there anything else that I can do to help you with that issue?

  9. Well unfortunately I can't reproduce it since it's a driver function but I am trying to get in touch with Tablet Kiosk and see if they can give me some technical information (or get me in touch with someone at Synaptics who will read my email) about how the gesture recognizer knows to "ignore" strokes.

    But yes, your email is flagged in Outlook and I haven't forgotten about it. :)

  10. I do not have any contact at Synaptics :(

  11. I finally completed "my" review of the Q1. I couldn't figure out how to get the article to you, so I put it up as a link from my classroom webpage. The pictures were downgraded during the html conversion. If your e-mail doesn't have a limit, I could send the entire article with quality pics. Let me know.

    Here is the link.


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