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Monday, July 10, 2006

Small Form Factor Platform

Whatisnew has published an article that I think that every UMPC fan should read. What they are saying is not a new concept, my friend Steve from Carrypad.com has been talking about it since long time ago. UMPCs have come to make the SFF Platform stronger - I like the way Whatisnew has used to name this concept!.
The Small Form Factor platform unites Sony’s product line with the UMPC platform. Add in the Nokia product line as well as OQO’s product line and we no longer have competing terms with winners and losers but rather an era of building a new platform for all consumers. And while we are hugging each other, bring in Apple and Linux users. These two groups tend to bring in unique perspectives that might help stretch the products into being even better. Finally, add in a universally accepted aspect of all good products – a good price to performance ratio.

I think that at this moment we have people asking for cheap 5" devices running XP and people that love the 7" devices. For me the 5" are more casual type of devices. You can browse the web, send some emails, shot some pictures and even use them as phones. But I don't think that you can use them for more complex things like entering data into a database, filling forms or coding in Visual Studio, for those kind of taks a 7" display works a lot better.


  1. I was wondering if you have used a UMPC for any sort of presentation using a data projector. How does the scaling work? I want to use one in my classroom, but am concerned about the scaling with the smaller screen size.

  2. I personally have not used it but for what I see if you change in your current PC the resolution to 800 by 600 you will get an idea of how your presentation is going to look.


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