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Monday, July 03, 2006

eo Extended Battery

I sent an email to TabletKiosk requesting information about the Extended Battery for eo V7110 and as always I got a quick reply from them:
We are still awaiting certification from CE/UL labs - hope to start shipping these by the week of July 17th…

Do not forget that those affected by the recall can apply a 25% discount to this must have item.


  1. Hello !

    Do You knows the time of the extended battery ?

    Its possible to send it by Tabletkiosk in France ?

    What the time of serial Eo battery ?

    Thanks !

  2. you should get around 4 hours.

  3. Perfect! In France, We have The Amtrak 700 in shops. And like Yon, we have only 1H35.

  4. Do You knows the weight and thé design of the extended battery ?

  5. No pictures have been posted yet.


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