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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DIY: case for eo

As you can see for the above picture the case made for this Mastermind game by Attache has the perfect side needed for this project.

The game comes fixed to the case in the way shown in the next picture:

It was very easy for me to cut with a Garden Scissor the plastic bar that kept the plastic board attached to the case.

The last picture shows the game in the way it was packed by its maker.

The game can be found at Amazon for 14 dollars.


  1. A stupid mail from PDair (some bests cases in the world) :


    We no plan for the Origami/UMPC.

    Your truly,
    PDair Workshop"...

  2. There are a lot of people that can't see into the near future.

  3. I am struck enough and anxious also bus much of detractors of Origami, plead in favour of a laptops at the same price.

    It is true that if Origami did not come to 500 dollars/euros maximum, its future is really compromise.

    What is certain is that with 1000 dollars/euros, the Origami does not have large and general public future.

    (sorry for my bad english !)

  4. Price will go down eventually. Patience is a virtue.

  5. I hope...
    For a Origami World !


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