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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tracking a fleet

This is a very interesting video that I found today at YouTube.

A UMPC application for location-based fleet management designed by IntuiLab (www.intuilab.com) for a Samsung Q1 using IntuiLab's UI technology IntuiKit™

First Q1 Ultra Video Review in English

CaptureThe first Samsung Q1 Ultra Review in English (the first one that I know of was shot in Spanish) has been published by PC Pro UK.

The main topic? You bet, keyboard.

Video courtesy of JKK

Windows Live Writer Beta 2

CaptureWindows Line Writer is getting. better. This is the second fine I test it in a UMPC and I'm impressed with the amount of Plugins released since last time I checked.

But there still one problem that was present in version 1, it still no optimized at all for 800x480. It's usable but you have to use the insert menu to get access to some of the Plugins that are not shown in the right panel due to the lack of space there. The screen shot in this article shows the Live Writer running at 800x600 resolution treat seems to be the minimum recommended for this program.

This is one of typical Microsoft problems, they create a Monster and then forget that the Monster exist. In this case, they brought to the world UMPCs using this resolution and then forgot to work for that resolution. This is one of the point where I think that the Origami Team could have helped the whole community a lot serving as a bridge between the community and Microsoft to look for a solution for these cases.

Spanish Calligraphy Contest

todoUMPC has reached 1500 registered users. For a site dedicated just to UMPCs that is a huge quantity and to celebrate this, they have decided to organize a Calligraphy Contest: the main prize a Universal Power Bank. 

So, if you know Spanish enough to register and read what you have to do to compete, you are welcome to participate.

How good is a thumb keyboard

Well, it's not the one you would like to have if you want to type 60 WPM. Here is what an actual owner of a Q1 Ultra says about it:

Mixed feelings on the keyboard. For short text like quick emails, it's fine. For something like entering a strong password, with mixed-case letters, numbers, and symbols, it's torture since there aren't dedicated number keys and almost all symbols require pressing another button first. It's especially bad for passwords that are hidden on the screen since you can't be quite sure if you didn't hit the wrong key or get a symbol to show up. So I'd say that it's very nice to have it there compared with not having a keyboard at all, but it's not something I'd want to use too often. Someone who is more used to typing on similar keyboards (like Blackberrys) might find it more natural than I do.

Just what I said a long time ago. There should be people out there making more than 20 WPM in a Blackberry but if you are into write long texts I doubt that 20 WPM is going to be enough for you. So do not be fool with "It has a keyboard" check first if you can function with that keyboard. That's all I'm saying.

Testing Windows Live Writer Latest Beta

CIMG0364Yeap, Here I'm testing the latest version of Windows Live Writer.

The new Vega - EVERUN

Raon Digital has just announced the Vega Substitute: Everun. According to news just published at AVING Korea.


This one looks even better than the first one. From what I could read in Korean :D :

  • 4.8" WVGA(800x480) LCD
  • 460g
  • WiFi Integrated
  • AMD LX900 CPU
  • 4000mAh Battery - According to them 12 hours of Battery! (Extended Battery)

There are 4 models based on storage, CPU, and memory.

  • Storage: HDD or SSD
  • CPU: LX900 or LX800
  • Screen auto pivot feature
  • Auto screen brightness control
  • Integrated Wifi AND BT 2.0
  • Optional HSDPA or Wibro
  • Standard battery will last 7 hours. 4000mAh one is optional and will last 12 hours.
  • Price starts around $650

Update 2: it supports auto-rotation. I do not uses portrait that much but auto-rotation is a nice feature.

The future according to Apple

Reading my RSS feeds I found a very interesting post at Clipset. They found a few short movies shot by Apple a long time ago, this one for example was shot 20 years ago and shows how Apple though how our life was going to be now.

Are we there yet? are we close?

VIA vs Intel

Yesterday I described Intel's Processor using the word Crappy and my big brother Chippy criticized me for that. And you know me, I can't let him say the last word, that's against my "Latin-Macho" believes. :D

Here is how I got into the word Crappy. Few weeks ago I posted a poll in this site and more than 70 people voted.


64% of them voted for a better performance. That's the group where I'm, 36% voted for better battery life, that's where my brother Steve is.

In the way I see current UMPC market, we have in the latest generation UMPCs using the A110 and A100 Intel processors, we have UMPCs using the latest C7 from VIA and we have if we still have any, Steve can correct me because he is keeping a wonderful table with all UMPCs in the market, a very small group using AMD processors. If you check, it seems to me that in this second round there are more UMPC using the VIA C7 processor than in the first round. And I believe that Intel felt this pressure. And what happened, using Chippy's words, Intel "optimized" a Pentium M processor, locking the speed at 600 or 800 MHz, decreasing the cache size, and including some minor "new" features. Using my own words, it took a C7 processor, checked the performance of it and configured the Pentium M to match that performance. The result, a processor with almost the same performance and battery life.

And what was the cost? Well for 64% of the UMPC owners that means less performance, for 36% means more battery life.

What I was expecting from Intel, well I was expecting a processor with the same performance we had in the Pentium M and Celeron M processors used in the first generation at least and with the same battery life we see in current VIA processors. That would be what I would call a step forward. But that did not happen, that's way to me this Intel's move is a step backward.

Well, probably I'm being to hard with Intel. They just wanted to stay in the competition with VIA.

Note: the A110 and A100 use a new graphic chip, but I have not seen a good comparison with the latest Graphic chip used in the C7 from VIA. It seems to me that probably the Intel's one is a little bit better than VIA's, but I have not confirmed this yet. If any of you, more into this hardware world have more details or can compare both graphic chips for me I really will appreciate this.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Q1 ultra is slow

The first user that received the Q1 Ultra has confirmed what I said in my article the Q1 Ultra in numbers. The only way found by Intel to deliver a battery life close to VIA processors is making a crappy processor. The A110 and the VIA C7 have about the same performance. The only difference is that the Intel Graphic chip is a little bit better.

Sorry Palm, but you got it wrong this time.

My first PDA was a Palm. At the beginning of the decade Palm was a symbol of innovation but it seems to me that this company is not going to reach the end of the decade. This company looks like a ship without a Captain. Who would have thought to see five years ago a Palm using Windows CE? Is not that crazy? A Palm using Windows? And now, Palm making Subnotebooks. Because I do not can how Palm wants to present this device, this 10" device is not a PDA, it is not a MID and it's not a UMPC. If it looks like a subnotebook it's a subnotebook. Check this picture and tell me that I'm wrong.

This is why I agree 100 % this time with Engadget.

We like the scroll wheel, the keyboard and screen were very nice, and the browser works excellently (and with Flash! see the gallery). It's wonderful that it works so well with your phone and all of that business, but we just can't get behind this one. We need a better Treo, or we need a Foleo or like device that replaces your Treo -- we don't want both. No ifs, ands, or buts. We already have a laptop, and when you consider the fact that this thing is about the size and weight of a Dell X1 (ok, maybe a little larger), the user just doesn't have a whole lot of reason to take one of these home.
Where is the innovation? Where are the golden years Palm?

Palm has announced Foléo

I'm watching right now the live webcast where Palm has announced a new MID called Foléo.

- Screen resolution 1024x600
- No touch screen
- Starting price $499
- To be released this summer
- Using Linux and a Flash Memory disk.
- Instant ON.
- Full synchronization with phones
- 10 inches display

Note: I just came back from Palm website and I do not know how to classify this the closest thing I can think of is a Subnotebook with Linux installed. What a shame. This company has came from been a leader on innovation to be the worse company in the industry.

TabletKiosk TufTab eo v7112XT Review

I had the chance today to "review" the TabletKiosk eo TafTub eo v7112XT. Yes, I did not have the unit in my hands but I had the opportunity to interview via Messenger one of my friends at todoUMPC.com who was holding the unit in his hands answering all my questions and taking all the pictures that I needed for this "review".

Technical Specifications.

  • UMPC Industrial Rated IP53
  • 1.2 GHz VIA C7®-M ULV Processor
  • 1.0 GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 40GB HDD
  • Screen: Ultra Slim 7 " TFT-LCD Resistive Touch
  • 802.11b/g y Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business, Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, or openSUSE Linux
The unit tested by us was running on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

First Impressions.

  1. The screen was a lot brighter than all the other UMPCs sold at todoUMPC.
  2. It comes with a folder with a ISO file that can be used to burn a DVD and restore the Operating System if it's needed. This file is about 2.25 GB that can be free just by moving this file to your home network or just burning a DVD.
  3. The battery life is around 3:30 ~ 3:45 hours according to a few short tests done by us.
  4. This unit runs cooler than the eo v7110 but still hot. The fan position is in the back, this location is a lot better than in the eo v7110 where the hot air is blow right into your hands.
  5. The sound is a lot better than in the eo v7110 and the eo i7210. This UMPC has two speakers located in the bag and those speakers are bigger than those used in the other TabletKiosk's UMPC.
  6. The v7112XT use the Fujitsu Palm Rejection technology the same one used in the Fujitsu P1610. This means that you can write without any problem touching with your palm the screen.
  7. The front side has 1 little tip in each corner that allows you to place the unit face down in a table not having to worry about scratching the screen.
  8. The Stylus on this device is by far the best one that we have seen in a UMPC. It's big and very comfortable to hold and use.

Photo Review.

Size comparison with a eo v7110 and a eo i7210.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As you can see from the above picture, the screen is a lot better.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Close up of one of the speakers.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Two little nuts in the back open the possibility of some kind of car support system.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

PCMCIA slot and SD Card Reader. The fact that this unit has a PCMCIA slot opens a lot of opportunities in the industry for using this device.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These two above pictures shows the battery, which design is different of any other of the original batteries that we have seen so far in all the UMPCs in the market.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


We run a little test using CrystalMark and here is the result.

13449 is about the same score that you get in a eo v7110. A Samsung Q1 has a score of between 17000 to 18000 and a Samsung Q1p from 18000 to 20000.


It's clear that this UMPC is targeting the business market. For this market the performance is more than enough. This device is strong built, the screen is one of the best, the inclusion of Fujitsu technology is a big plus the same than the PCMCIA slot.

Windows Mobile Device Center v6.1 coming soon

According to Windows Vista Team Blog, there is a new version of Windows Mobile Device Center coming soon.

In the next few weeks, the Windows Mobile Device Center team will be launching an update to Windows Mobile Device Center 6.0. Aside from bug fixes and improvements over WMDC 6.0, the update (version 6.1) will include feature support for Windows Mobile 6 devices; this includes support for file synchronization on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen Windows Mobile 6 devices. We'll make a formal announcement here on the blog once the update is officially released.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bad luck or bad quality?

I was wondering today where Hugo Ortega was because he was not posting at his blog as usual. And the answer came from Hugo himself.
When my first OQO 02 died (just beofre the Video) I received the replacement and got back on the road quickly (kudos to OQO) when the second one died OQO did the right thing and got a new one out to me again - I was upset but looking forward to a great season ahead, and then when the third one arrived I lost all motivation and it is in my garage unboxed.
Two dead OQOs? That smell really bad! is this bad luck or bad quality? According to James Kendrick:
I remember hearing these stories over and over again when the first generation OQO shipped. I corresponded with more than a couple of early OQO adopters who were on their 3rd (or 4th) unit. Ouch.

US702W the ideal UMPC

Somebody at OrigamiProject.com pointed me to a set of pictures showing the Q1U at CeBit and in that set of pictures I found these ones that belong what I consider the best UMPC design I have seen:



The US702W!

Video: Samsung Q1 Accessories

Here is a short video that shows some of the accessories to be sold with Samsung Q1 Ultra:

Monday, May 28, 2007

what's your U keys configuration?


The above picture shows my favorite U Keys configuration. What's your?

My Vega Review

It’s hard to write about a device when you have contradictory feelings about that device. It’s a lot easier to write when you do not like the device or when you like the device. At least for me. And this is the case with Vega.

Vega has a AMD Geode LX800 CPU running at 500 MHz, Windows XP Home, 256MB of RAM, a 30GB hard disk, WiFi (no integrated), 2 USB ports, a 4.3-inch LCD and one TV over DMB.

What I did like of this UMPC?

The first thing I liked is the design which is very compact but comfortable to use. This UMPC has 13 buttons that can be used combined give you the amazing amount of 39 different functionalities.

The speaker quality is good. It’s better than the one in the Amtek T700 but not as good as the ones in the Samsung Q1. Another point that I liked is that using a USB cable you can connect your Vega to any PC as an external HDD to copy files from and to it. The performance of the AMD processor is not bad. I was expecting to see a very slow device and it’s not. Compared with the Amtek T700 which use a VIA processor I would say that both perform about the same even when the results of this benchmark shows the Vega being slower than the Amtek T700. Keep in mind that we are comparing in this case a machine with just 256 MB of RAM vs a machine with 1 GB and a HDD running at 7200 RPM.

I played a movie and the playback was acceptable.

What I did not like of Vega?

First of all, the screen size. If you are planning to buy a 4.5~5 inches UMPC I really advice you to check it first. I know that the idea of having a PC in your Pocket is too tentative but you may not find it so good when you start to use it. If you need reading glasses then I can tell you right now that this device is not for you. For example, I use contact lenses and I do not need reading glasses unless the letters are too small, like the ones printed in some drug boxes. I do not need reading glasses at all to use any of the UMPC with a 7 inches display but I felt the need of my glasses using Vega. To give you another example, I use RightMark CPU Clock Utility in my Q1 to track the processor activity. In my Q1 I can read clearly the MHz and in Vega this number is very hard to read for me. Do not get me wrong, I know that many people like the 5 inches units and they do not have the problems that I have but I think that this can be a big impediment for a group of users, so if you have any eyes problems you better check this unit or any other 5 inches UMPC (no PPC, they have less resolution so you wont see this problem on them) just to be sure that you can handle this screen size.

The other point that I did not like was that this unit does not have an integrated WiFi. This point is good and bad at the same time. It’s good because you can buy the best USB WiFi stick in the market and use it in your unit and when you have the WiFi integrated even when you can do the same I would consider an aggravation not to be able to use the WiFi that came integrated in the unit because of the poor quality of it. I find the fact that you have to carry the USB WiFi stick around in case you want to get connected very uncomfortable and I was worry the all time about losing it.

The Stylus of Vega is the funniest and weirdest thing I have seen in this category. If anyone of you have seen how a fishing net is made manually you have to agree with me that this stylus looks like one of those needles used in this process. The stylus came with a string that can be attached to the unit. At the beginning I did not like the whole thing but once I took Vega in one of my car rides I found that having the Stylus attached to the unit using a string was a very good point. Using the small Vega screen with your finger is not easy and having the stylus all time attached to the unit made the process of using Vega in my car a very easy process. So even when I’m putting this in the category of things that I did not like, I have to confess that I have mixed feelings around the stylus.


Vega could be a perfect car navigation system. Many GPS System will cost you about the same or sometime half of the price that you will pay for a Vega but with this UMPC you will get a PC, you can have whatever GPS software you like and you can have it running with your whole music library playing in background. You wont find any GPS System more powerful and flexible than a Vega. To have 13 keys with 39 functionality is a big plus for this unit that you wont find in any other UMPC without integrated keyboard.

[More Pictures]

I would like to thank Chippy aka Steve from UMPCPortal.com for sending me this unit for this review.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Full Tablet PC Support for Sony Vaio UXs

Ultra Mobile PC Tips is all about finding solutions or workarounds for those problems or bugs left in these machines by the "Big Guys". This is why when a few days ago somebody asked me at todoUMPC for help getting full TabletPC support in the Sony Vaio UX series the fact that I do not have one did not stop me.

I had that problem before in my Q1 when the HID driver was not available. And part of the problem was fixed by changing 2 registry keys using this VBScript. But for my surprise this hack did not work in Sony UX. At todoUMPC a friend mentioned that at Micro PC Talk somebody found that installing the Wacom driver gave the UX "Partial" Tablet PC support and I said "partial" because there was not ink support in Outlook 2007 after this driver installation. Then I remembered about my VBScript and that was the final touch to fix the whole issue.

After installing the Wacom Driver and applying the VBScript the Vaio UX gained full Tablet PC functionality and full Ink support in all Office 2007 including Outlook.

The Wacom Driver does not do anything but fool Vista making it think that the unit uses a Wacom Digitizer. After installing the driver you will notice a Wacom icon in the Control Panel, but that icon does not work.

Note apart, It's unbelievable to see how a company like Sony makes such mistake. In another hand I want to thank todoUMPC guys for helping to find this solution and test it in them devices.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Those Bad Things I like

When I finish to write this note I'm gonna be probably less "geek" to many than what they think I was. And I'm saying this because I'm about to say a few good things that those considered "geeks" will never say: I'm glad to have Windows Defender and System Restore running in my Q1 with Vista.

If you are a real "Geek" the first things you should disable and uninstall when you finish Vista Installation are System Restore and Windows Defender. Both of them slow down your System (this is a fact) and as a good geek that you are or gonna be, you should not allow that.

But I'm not a geek and I have them running wasting my Q1 limited resources and I'm glad they are. And I'll tell you why. About 6 month ago a friend of mine send me a file to test in Vista. I consider my friend an computer expert that knows what are virus and I know that he is using McAfee in his PC and in another hand I had AVG Free Edition running in my machine. So, I opened that executable. And what a surprise! That thing was one of those nasty worms that opens ports, changes the home page of your browser and disables your popup blocker. And guess what? AVG did not do anything, the only one that warned me about something trying to open a port in my UMPC was Windows Defender. It did not recognize the Virus but with the information that it gave me I could find the name of the worm and what to do next. So, Windows Defender saved my... you know what.

Sometimes with all the programs and drivers that I test in my Q1 I'm surprised of how fast and stable it still working. And this is the part when I'm glad to have System Restore using part of my HDD and my resources. In less than 6 months it has helped me twice. The first time when I was testing the HID eGalax drivers, in one of the early betas I got the "Blue Screen of Death". Yes, Vista still have that screen. And what saved me was the old "Save Mode" and the System Restore.

Today, and this is why I'm writing all this, System Restore saved me again. I bought a little Webcam made by GE (HO98067) thinking than being XP compatible I had a good chance to get it to work in Vista. But I was wrong. The cam driver screwed my Virtual CDROM driver and my external Lasie External DVD Burner. Do not ask me what the webcam driver has to do with these other two drivers. I do not know. But the fact is that System Restore saved my ... you know what... again.

So, I do not care too much if after reading this note you consider me less than a "geek". Because the fact is that geeks do not use Windows Defender neither System Restore... and if they do, then they do not write about it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

eo v7110: My restore option is gone

Recently a friend of mine mentioned me that after installing Vista in his eo v7110 the restore option in the boot screen disappeared. I checked my eo to find that my friend was right, during the boot, in the Bios screen a message appeared for a few seconds asking to press a hot key to run the restore application. And now that message was not there any more. With that confirmed my friend Angel decided to contact Amtek to find what keep should be pressed to launch the restoration application and to know why the message was not there any more. And here is the email he received from Amtek:

Dear Angel,

Good day. This is Jeff Chiu, I'm the RMA assistant manager in AMTEK. Thanks for purchasing our product.

About your question, My answer is as below:

The hot key location is on the right side of front panel, under the stick mouse. (Please see the attached for detail). Before you doing the restore action, please back up you important files from C: to D: first, Once the recover to be finished, The data in the C: will be totally destroyed. So that it is very important to back up your files before the restore.

Start to restore............
When you start the system, After BIOS logo appears. You will see "PRESS HOTKEY TO RUN RESTORE", then press the "hotkey" to run the restore program, and the system will be recovered from factory default setting.
PS! Before you start to restore, Please plug in AC adaptor with the restore action.

If you still got problem with your restore, Please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Jeff Chiu
Assistant Manager
Quality Assurance Dept.
AMtek System Co.,LTD
Ok, that answered what key to press to start the restoration process but why the message was not there any more? It seems that Vista overwrites during the installation the MBR or Master Boot Record and there is where that message is located. Of course, no only the message disappeared but the whole Restore Functionality. Pressing that hot key during the booting did not launch anything anymore.

But my friend. Angel does not give up that easy. He installed a freeware tool called Smart BootManager using this program which install it's own MBR, he boot into the restoration partition to find a menu with two options:

1- Windows PE (Windows PreInstallation Partition)
2- Windows

If the Second Option is selected Windows starts to finish a few seconds later with a file not found error.

If the first option is selected you end in another screen where the first option ask you if you want to restore your system. At this point my friend canceled the process because he wants to bad Vista in his unit for while. And here is a surprise. In the next boot the little message asking to press the hot key to restore the system was back! And the hot key was working again! Apparently by running the Windows PreInstallation Partition Option restores the original MBR!

So this is how my friend Angel found how to get this function back to work in his eo v7110.

If you want to read the original explanation written by my friend in Spanish you can do it here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is the pricey upgrade worth it when using a Q1 with a hard drive?

I think so and more when you are using a very slow HDD. More memory means less HDD access for the majority of the heavy programs. Where I have seen an evident increase in performance?

1- Browsing the web. When I scroll pages the screen is refreshed a lot faster.
2- Start Menu Opens faster.
3- Outlook works faster refreshing the email preview screen. The inking tool works faster too. I have an image in my signature and the process of inserting the signature is quicker.
3- File explorer refresh folder contest faster. Thumbnail views are refreshed faster.
4- Windows More Maker responds better.
5- Editing pictures is now a lot faster too.

$173 seems to me a fair price taking in consideration how this easy to do upgrade helps with performance. Of course I would have liked to pay less but... I do not regret this buy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chippy, here is the second test

Even when I said in the video that it takes 8 seconds after analyzing it a little bit it I can say that it's around 7 seconds instead 8 seconds.

Video: Control Panel Test 2

Why I use a screen protector

A picture says more than thousand words.


You can see in this picture the huge amount of scratches in the Boxwave screen protector. Can you imagine all these scratches in the real screen? In less than a year this Q1 will and on ebay or in the hands of one of the readers of this page, and all these scratches could decrease the value of this unit in a few dozen of dollars.

UMPC is gaining strength

UMPCs is gaining every day more of that space they lost during the first moths after the MS teasing campaign. Recently we have seen how the "specialized press" has changed the tone used when they were talking about these devices.

And one very good example of what I'm saying is this article where according to the author: Ultra-Mobile PCs Become A "Hotspot" In Portable Electronics Computing, connectivity, and keyboards form the foundation of the burgeoning UMPC consumer market.

If it has keyboard, it's good. That's all they understand. If it does not have keyboard it's a Tablet PC and then it's not good. ;)

Monday, May 21, 2007

How long takes to open the Control Panel

11? 6? 5 Seconds?

Video: Control Panel Test

Update: This result is the best result, and like Chippy pointed cache helped. But... I repeated this tests many times including tests after a reboot and the worse results right after rebooting where no cache is involved the test took between 5 to 6 seconds. has the 2 GB of RAM helped in this test? Probably, but I ran this test with 1 GB of RAM and I could not measure any significant difference.

The 2Gb of RAM Upgrade in Numbers

Let me start by saying that it's extremely difficult to measure how a RAM upgrade changes the performance of any machine. If you draw a chart of how performance changes with RAM upgrades you will get something like this:


As you can see there is a point where increasing the RAM almost does not chance the performance that point is called by many the sweet spot. In XP that spot was around the 2Gb of RAM. In Vista nobody knows for sure yet where is that point but many people believe that it should be between the 2 and 4 Gbs. One of the best articles about Vista Performance that I have found can be read here in case you want to read more about Vista Performance.

Even when for some people Vista Performance Score do not mean anything, I would like to show how it changed with this upgrade from 1 Gb to 2 Gb.

Before the Upgrade:


After the Upgrade:


As you can see it's not that big of a difference. I have to remind that the highest score for Vista is 5.9 so 4.6 is a high score.

The other two tests I ran was using Crystal Mark. Last week Kevin at Jkontherun reported that he did not find any differences between his tests with 1 Gb and 2 Gb using this tool. I do not have an explanation for his case but in my case where Vista has been running with drivers properly configured and installed for more than a month, the results are different.

Before the upgrade:


After the upgrade:


You can notice the difference in the memory score and the total score.

Overall I notice that the whole system is working better. But if you ask, I think that this change is less dramatic from the point of view of performance than the upgrade between 512 MB and 1Gb. But still to early to say the last word about it. One thing is for sure, to have more RAM wont harm in any way your UMPC and the fact that we can use 2 Gb of RAM in almost all the UMPC in the market using Intel Processors is a good news.

Asus R2H support, the 2 GB of RAM upgrade

We just got the confirmation at Origami Project Forum: the Asus R2H can be upgrade with a 2 Gb of RAM chip.

The Original Q1 supports 2 GB of RAM!

Yeah, I just tested. I ordered the last week the 2 GB SODIMM Modul from UpgradeComputerMemory.com and as soon as I received today I opened my Samsung Q1 with Celeron Processor and switched the RAM modules. And here is the first result:


The above picture is a little be blurry but it can be seen clearly how the BIOS version 20MA recognized my 2 GB module. I saved the new information in the BIOS and started Vista, and here is the second screen shot, this time of Vista reporting to have 2 GB of RAM:


I'll run a few other performance tests tonight. So far I'm a happy camper! Yahhhoooooo!!!!