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Monday, May 21, 2007

How long takes to open the Control Panel

11? 6? 5 Seconds?

Video: Control Panel Test

Update: This result is the best result, and like Chippy pointed cache helped. But... I repeated this tests many times including tests after a reboot and the worse results right after rebooting where no cache is involved the test took between 5 to 6 seconds. has the 2 GB of RAM helped in this test? Probably, but I ran this test with 1 GB of RAM and I could not measure any significant difference.


  1. I assume this is in response to someone complaining.

  2. Cached I guess on a Q1 with 2GB of memory!!!

  3. I reapplied the test many times. Even the first time after a re start, it did not take more than 5 seconds.


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