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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Linux and Ink Support

As for as I know, ink is very poorly supported in Linux. And when I said "poorly" take it as almost "Null". There is not any handwriting recognition so far and a few applications can handle any kind of "ink".

But Today I had a very short but interesting conversation with a "very well informed person" whose name I can't reveal who told me that this was about to change very soon. So it seems to me that no only Intel is looking for other OS to put their money to work.

Sounds good to me, but I want to tell about something that happened to me Yesterday. I was working with a guy who take cares of some at my pages, and we ran into a situation where we needed to change something in a page that was created in FrontPage. On that moment I had to wait for my friend to switch from his Mac PC to his Windows XP PC to continue with what we were doing. Conclusion: Want it or not, we live in a Microsoft World. So far as an IT person that I'm, I can see me having a companion PC using Linux or Mac but never in a situation where I do not have close to me a PC running Windows. I can't function fully without Windows.

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