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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Off Topic: Missing English Girl.

A friend recently asked me for help in the case of the English Girl missing in Portugal and I have agreed to write here a note about it. First off all I want to say that I wish the parents of this girl all the luck that they can receive, because they are going to need it. And because I want for this case a happy end.

This said, I want to start by saying that it seems to me by the proportion of this case in the press that Europe have waked up from a nightmare that's part of the daily life of 1000 of 1000s of families of this world the majority of them from underdeveloped countries where governments do not care enough about this problem. Every day 1000 of children are abducted in this country and put for adoption to couples coming from developed countries from Europe and USA. And this is almost never mentioned by the European press or the press of any other country. And the worse part is the almost none existing statistics of this matter in underdeveloped countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. But to give you an idea in USA in a year of study were reported 797,500 children (younger than 18) missing, 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions, 58,200 children were the victims of non-family abductions, 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping (These crimes involve someone the child does not know or someone of slight acquaintance, who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.) And these numbers are taking in one year of study in USA where we have a dozen of government and none government organization taking care of these numbers. What are the numbers for all countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America? Nobody knows for sure but I believe that the number would be that huge that our human minds wont believe it.

That's why I said to my friend that I would be glad to write a note but no about the English Girl who has the help of all the European press and the press of the whole world. I'm writing this note to help those who does not have any one to cry for help.

I'm writing this note asking countries of the whole World to stand together and stop the Human and Children Trafficking!

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  1. This girl and her family will be in my prayers tonight. This is so sad...


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