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Once "inking" gets into your veins you will never be able to live without it. Frank J. Garcia

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

PhatWare Releases WritePad 4.1 for iPad

I know that many Tablet PC owners have not bought yet an iPad because of the lack of any handwriting recognition. Well, here is WritePad. Many of us know this software from the time when we were starting to play around with Pocket PCs, more than 7 years ago. The recognition engine developed by PhatWare was probably even better than the one from Microsoft at that time. And now it's available for iPads. Another reason to buy this gadget!


WritePad lets users take notes in their own handwriting with an iPad stylus pen, or a finger. The state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software will adapt and learn while it is being used, improving the recognition quality over time. WritePad supports simple gestures, to select text, cut, copy, paste, insert special characters, and more. The new WritePad Twitter client allows users to send Twitter updates directly from WritePad. It can also display the Twitter timeline and replies to your updates, making it possible to copy, retweet, and reply to Twitter updates.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Loren Heiny has died

Loren Heiny is not longer with us but his presence will be felt any where a Tablet PC is turned on. Thanks Loren for introducing me to these wonderful machines.

Loren Heiny passed away on Sunday, July 25, 2010. We are gathering to celebrate his life and all the joys he brought to our lives. Please join our family on Saturday, July 31 at 2pm. We will be at our sister’s home for a picinic, which Loren loved.

Incremental Blogger —

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jailbreak is legal

The US Copyright Office says that Smart Phone owners have the right to run whatever software they want in their phones. As result, Jailbreak is Fair Use!

Jailbreaking the iPad might void your Apple warranty and even your terms of service from AT&T, however the US government has just ruled the practice legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The exemption applies for three years until the next rulemaking review, and brings the practices of independent software developers into the mainstream.

Copyright Office: iPad Jailbreak is Fair Use | The iPad Guide

Antennagate continues

While Apple is posting videos showing their tests in other phones, a move that many consider a bad one, other videos lately published show that the issue is worse than what has been admitted by the company.

This video proves that a simple touch affects web page loading, stopping it completely.


The Spot from Cameron Hunt on Vimeo.

Video Clearly Shows Antenna Defect on iPhone 4 Web Browser

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apple took over the Origami Project

While the iPhone 4 could be called the Apple’s disaster, the iPad is becoming a best seller product. The iPad is what most of us wanted to see when Microsoft announced the Origami Project. What were we expecting from MS:

  • a device with about 10-12 hours of battery life
  • a very portable device in the market hole that existed between the 4.5 inches and the 9.8 inches (the smaller Tablet PC in the market at that time (Fujitsu P15/1600)).
  • Instant On/Off. Hibernation or Standby in Windows 7 is close but still not there.
  • an Operating System redesigned with a better touch support. More finger friendly. Creating interfaces like the Origami Project or the one installed in Surface is not enough. 

Unfortunately, the Origami Project came to life when MS was ending with XP and trying to sell the Vista Fiasco. On top of that, there was the transition in the Intel mobile processor market to the new Atom processor. The A100 and the A110 failed to deliver the performance and the battery life that we expected from them. Microsoft in another hand failed to see that even today, more than 4 years after the announcement of the Origami Project, the technology to achieve more than 10 hours of battery, keep an external design mobile enough and have enough power to move Windows 7 efficiently does not exist. At this moment to me is clear that battery life and a full multitask are not good friends. At least in the way we have it in Windows. Microsoft refused to create a new OS for Origami, something that many of us saw as the solution to increase both performance and battery live. Origami was designed to be a companion PC, never to substitute the Desktop PC at home. Then, if that the case why to load a full OS on then. What was needed was to ensure that the OS loaded in Origami was compatible with any file created in a PC such as all kind of Office Documents. That way you could have used your home PC to create and the Origami for last moment editing and show up via projectors those documents.   

Apple in the iPad found and used  the most balanced formula to take over the Origami Project.

How to achieve 10 hours of battery. Well, we have to strip down the hardware. You can't get rid of the screen but you can get rid of all the USB modules, memory readers and HDD. Just by doing that you are gaining 60% of battery savings. Now, eliminating all that  your motherboard becomes smaller. About the size used in an iPhone or an Android phone, that means more battery savings. On top of that, add a flat battery covering almost 70% of the back area of the iPad (Check this picture). The rest is software. If you don't have multitask then you don't have any one sucking your battery in background.. Apple did not use MacOS in their iPad. Why? Because they did not want to send down the pipe all their battery savings that’s why they used the iOS. I believe that Jobs does not want flash because he would have problems to stop all those flash adds when the user switches from Safari to any other program. And he is right, some of those flash animations sucks a lot of resources. Of course there are other solutions for the flash issue, we have seen it in Froyo 2.2. I mention flash to show the obsession of Apple with saving battery life.

The bottom line, To gain what MS was dreaming to see in the Origami Project you have to change the whole mentality behind the design. You have to change the hardware and the software. Microsoft did not change enough the hardware and did not change at all the software.

Apple did not invent the wheel. They optimized it. And they did it right.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Encrypt Stick

Flash Drives have replaced totally the old Floppies. They have a lot more capacity and they are very small which is an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage: you can lose them easily. And if that happens, is your data safe? If the answer is No then you may need this product: Encrypt Stick.

ENC Security Systems Inc releases Encrypt Stick™ 4.3 – Turns any Flash Drive into a Digital Privacy Manager

Vancouver, B.C. July 19, 2010 – ENC Security Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Encrypt Stick™ 4.3. Encrypt Stick™ software turns any Flash Drive into a portable Digital Privacy Manager (DPM). The Digital Privacy Manager allows the user to easily protect, secure and manage their sensitive files.

Complimentary license keys are available to the press. Email request to Terry Johnston: press@encryptstick.com.

Everyone has private digital files that need extra security. They’re the ones on your computer or other devices that could cause serious consequences if they fell into the wrong hands: photos, videos, financial records, identity passwords and sensitive documents. Lost or stolen devices, or violated files, put you at considerable risk of embarrassment, identity theft, financial loss and marital problems — even job loss. Why take a chance when you can take a few seconds to permanently secure your digital privacy?

Lock down your files
Encrypt Stick™ is simple to download and easy to use. Important files that need to be secure are stored within encrypted Vaults. An unlimited number of vaults can be created on any type of writeable storage (hard drives, flash drives, network servers etc.). Vaults can’t be seen on a computer unless the USB is inserted and the correct password entered. Experience true digital privacy.

Encrypt Stick™ is available for Windows and Mac operating systems and can be downloaded for just one operating system or both on the same flash drive. Encrypt Stick™ is licensed per flash drive; this means you only pay once to receive both versions on your flash drive!

Encrypt Stick™ is powered by the world’s strongest encryption algorithm. ENC Security’s polymorphic encryption method creates unique encryption algorithms based on the hardware ID of each USB flash drive and guarantees your file security.

New Features for Encrypt Stick™ 4.3
- No installation of software or drivers required.
- Free updates!
- Compresses encrypted files on the fly – Fit more on your flash drive.
- Create unlimited encrypted vaults – Anywhere you like!
- Customizable timeout.
- Edit Encrypted documents.
- File Wipe – Permanently eliminates files.
- Instant lock button.
- Leaves no footprint on host PC.
- Password Manager – Take all your passwords on the go.
- Password Time Out Notification.
- Simple user friendly interface.
- Virtual Encrypted Keyboard – Eliminate Key Logging.
- Works on any standard flash drive
- Works with Windows XP or higher and Mac OSX 10.4+

Standard Features:
- Live search – Find your files quickly.
- 512bit Polymorphic Encryption.
- User friendly key recovery process to enable only YOU to regain access to encrypted files on your computer after you lost your Flash Drive.

To download our free version or to get more details please visit our new website www.encryptstick.com

Complimentary license keys are available to the press. Email request to Terry Johnston: press@encryptstick.com

About Encrypt Stick™
The Encrypt Stick software platform has been in continuous development since 2005 by some of the most brilliant and visionary programmers available in the encryption world.

With the advent of Smart Flash Drives (serial numbered microprocessors) now commercially available to the computer user,ENC has leveraged use of this same encryption technology knowledge in developing intuitive, secure and faster software than currently available.

About Polymorphic Encryption
ENC’s polymorphic encryption method creates unique encryption algorithms based on the hardware ID of each USB flash drive. Encrypt Stick’s Polymorphic encryption engine operates at an encryption speed of 500Mbit/s, which is approximately 10 times the speed of 256 AES!

About ENC Security Systems Inc.
ENC is redefining data security for individuals and organizations. Through its suite of encryption software products designed to protect computer data, internet transmissions, radio frequency identification (RFID) Cyber Space, SCADA and wireless signals ENC will provide simple to use, effective solutions for consumers, businesses, and institutions.

Press inquiries:
Terry Johnston
Media Relations
Email: press@encryptstick.com

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jobs’ logic made me vomit!

"Less than 1% of our users called Apple Care". It comes into my mind a young friend of mine that told me that he does not care if he could not make a call in the case of an emergency, the important thing was to own an iPhone 4!

"Other phones have the same problem" Come on Steve! According to you the iPhone 4 is the best phone out there! It's not just any phone but the best one! And for the record, even Consumer Reports found this issue to be bigger in the iPhone 4 than in all other phones that they have tested. To say that all others, like NYT and Consumer Reports are wrong is just another proof of your huge arrogance and disrespect for others including customers and share holders.

I did not hear a word of apology! That's the bottom line! To say that Apple is not perfect is not good enough!

God has spoken! No recall for iPhone 4


Update:  The refund is not for 3rd party cases.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New graphic guide about how to hold your iPhone 4

Apple has not issued a recall of the iPhone 4 yet and it's doing whatever they can to avoid that, like this free graphic (I would say too graphic) guide showing how you should be holding your iPhone 4 to gain the maximum reception. Here is the guide:


It took Jobs a while to find this "maximum reception" position.

Rolling on the floor

ritePen 4.0 released

ritePen is one of the best ink recognition software available for Tablet PCs.  The beigest difference between this software and other of its kindis the fact that ritePen uses the whole screen as board. Check this video and you will see what I'm saying.

ritePen’s core functionality is that of handwriting recognition, customizable with your own lexicons and special punctuation. Write anywhere on the screen and your words are turned into text in the text-entry field of whatever app you have open. Need to enter text in a web site? Just start writing. Built on top of that are ink macros that are shortcuts triggered by writing a word then circling it. Have a standard chunk of text you need to enter? Scribble and circle one word to make it appear. Want to launch a URL or app with one word? You can do that too. In addition to all that, ritePen is a screen grabbing machine that lets you select any section of the screen, annotate and highlight with ink and shapes, and save them to clipboard or Evernote.

Via: GottaBeMobile

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Best Windows 7 Downloads

PC World and PC Magazine were two of my favorite magazines long time ago. But both reached a moment when the amount of publicity was more than the amount of good articles. On top of that, few articles published about Tablet PCs and UMPC were enough to make me cancel my subscriptions and start reading more web materials. I went green. But in the last few days I have found some articles posted at PC World that I found very good. Later on I'll post about them but Today here is the link to the list of the Best Windows 7 Downloads.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Microsoft WebMatrix

Microsoft has released WebMatrix, the replaced of the old FrontPage. But what's WebMatrix?

WebMatrix is everything you need to build Web sites using Windows. It includes IIS Developer Express (a development Web server), ASP.NET (a Web framework), and SQL Server Compact (an embedded database). It streamlines Web site development and makes it easy to start Web sites from popular open-source apps. The skills and code you develop with WebMatrix transition seamlessly to Visual Studio and SQL Server.

And the best of all is that it's FREE!

Microsoft WebMatrix

Monday, July 05, 2010

How to hold your iPhone free training

How to hold your iPhone free training by Steve Jobs for all iPhone owners. The offer from Apple does have expiration date.


Rolling on the floor 

I don't know who is the author of this Photomontage but I found it really good!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Apple’s Antenna Saga

What you are about to read in this Los Angeles article is comparable with 911 conspiracy theories. The difference is that in this case Apple admitted the crime: To systematically lie to their users by altering the signal level shown by iPhones from the first generations.

The company admitted Friday that its iPhones have been inflating signal strengths and masking poor reception.

Another proof of the unscrupulous practices of this company  that now is busy teaching us how we should be holding our phones.

Apple admits iPhones' signal bars give incorrect readings - Los Angeles Times

Friday, July 02, 2010

MVP Awards 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Re: Frank Garcia, Most Valuable Professional, Windows Touch & Tablet PC

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pride we announce that Frank Garcia has been awarded as a Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 7/1/2010 - 7/1/2011. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with users and Microsoft. All of us at Microsoft  recognize and appreciate Frank’s extraordinary contributions and want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with you.

With fewer than 5,000 awardees worldwide, Microsoft MVPs represent a highly select group of experts. MVPs share a deep commitment  to community and a willingness  to help others. They represent  the diversity of  today’s technical communities. MVPs are present in over 90 countries, spanning more than 30 languages, and over 90 Microsoft  technologies. MVPs share a passion  for  technology, a willingness  to help others, and a commitment  to community. These are the qualities that make MVPs exceptional community leaders. MVPs’ efforts enhance people’s lives and contribute to our industry’s success in many ways. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, and providing objective feedback, they help people solve problems and discover new capabilities every day. MVPs are technology’s best and brightest, and we are honored to welcome Frank as one of them.

To recognize the contributions they make, MVPs from around the world have the opportunity to meet Microsoft executives, network with peers, and position themselves as technical community leaders. This is accomplished through speaking engagements, one on one customer event participation and technical content development. MVPs also receive early access to technology through a variety of programs offered by Microsoft, which keeps them on the cutting edge of the software and hardware industry.


As a recipient of this year’s Microsoft MVP award, Frank joins an exceptional group of individuals from around the world who have demonstrated a willingness to reach out, share their technical expertise with others and help individuals maximize their use of technology.


Rich Kaplan
Corporate Vice President
Customer and Partner Advocacy
Microsoft Corporation