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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Encrypt Stick

Flash Drives have replaced totally the old Floppies. They have a lot more capacity and they are very small which is an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage: you can lose them easily. And if that happens, is your data safe? If the answer is No then you may need this product: Encrypt Stick.

ENC Security Systems Inc releases Encrypt Stick™ 4.3 – Turns any Flash Drive into a Digital Privacy Manager

Vancouver, B.C. July 19, 2010 – ENC Security Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Encrypt Stick™ 4.3. Encrypt Stick™ software turns any Flash Drive into a portable Digital Privacy Manager (DPM). The Digital Privacy Manager allows the user to easily protect, secure and manage their sensitive files.

Complimentary license keys are available to the press. Email request to Terry Johnston: press@encryptstick.com.

Everyone has private digital files that need extra security. They’re the ones on your computer or other devices that could cause serious consequences if they fell into the wrong hands: photos, videos, financial records, identity passwords and sensitive documents. Lost or stolen devices, or violated files, put you at considerable risk of embarrassment, identity theft, financial loss and marital problems — even job loss. Why take a chance when you can take a few seconds to permanently secure your digital privacy?

Lock down your files
Encrypt Stick™ is simple to download and easy to use. Important files that need to be secure are stored within encrypted Vaults. An unlimited number of vaults can be created on any type of writeable storage (hard drives, flash drives, network servers etc.). Vaults can’t be seen on a computer unless the USB is inserted and the correct password entered. Experience true digital privacy.

Encrypt Stick™ is available for Windows and Mac operating systems and can be downloaded for just one operating system or both on the same flash drive. Encrypt Stick™ is licensed per flash drive; this means you only pay once to receive both versions on your flash drive!

Encrypt Stick™ is powered by the world’s strongest encryption algorithm. ENC Security’s polymorphic encryption method creates unique encryption algorithms based on the hardware ID of each USB flash drive and guarantees your file security.

New Features for Encrypt Stick™ 4.3
- No installation of software or drivers required.
- Free updates!
- Compresses encrypted files on the fly – Fit more on your flash drive.
- Create unlimited encrypted vaults – Anywhere you like!
- Customizable timeout.
- Edit Encrypted documents.
- File Wipe – Permanently eliminates files.
- Instant lock button.
- Leaves no footprint on host PC.
- Password Manager – Take all your passwords on the go.
- Password Time Out Notification.
- Simple user friendly interface.
- Virtual Encrypted Keyboard – Eliminate Key Logging.
- Works on any standard flash drive
- Works with Windows XP or higher and Mac OSX 10.4+

Standard Features:
- Live search – Find your files quickly.
- 512bit Polymorphic Encryption.
- User friendly key recovery process to enable only YOU to regain access to encrypted files on your computer after you lost your Flash Drive.

To download our free version or to get more details please visit our new website www.encryptstick.com

Complimentary license keys are available to the press. Email request to Terry Johnston: press@encryptstick.com

About Encrypt Stick™
The Encrypt Stick software platform has been in continuous development since 2005 by some of the most brilliant and visionary programmers available in the encryption world.

With the advent of Smart Flash Drives (serial numbered microprocessors) now commercially available to the computer user,ENC has leveraged use of this same encryption technology knowledge in developing intuitive, secure and faster software than currently available.

About Polymorphic Encryption
ENC’s polymorphic encryption method creates unique encryption algorithms based on the hardware ID of each USB flash drive. Encrypt Stick’s Polymorphic encryption engine operates at an encryption speed of 500Mbit/s, which is approximately 10 times the speed of 256 AES!

About ENC Security Systems Inc.
ENC is redefining data security for individuals and organizations. Through its suite of encryption software products designed to protect computer data, internet transmissions, radio frequency identification (RFID) Cyber Space, SCADA and wireless signals ENC will provide simple to use, effective solutions for consumers, businesses, and institutions.

Press inquiries:
Terry Johnston
Media Relations
Email: press@encryptstick.com

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