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Monday, July 12, 2010

ritePen 4.0 released

ritePen is one of the best ink recognition software available for Tablet PCs.  The beigest difference between this software and other of its kindis the fact that ritePen uses the whole screen as board. Check this video and you will see what I'm saying.

ritePen’s core functionality is that of handwriting recognition, customizable with your own lexicons and special punctuation. Write anywhere on the screen and your words are turned into text in the text-entry field of whatever app you have open. Need to enter text in a web site? Just start writing. Built on top of that are ink macros that are shortcuts triggered by writing a word then circling it. Have a standard chunk of text you need to enter? Scribble and circle one word to make it appear. Want to launch a URL or app with one word? You can do that too. In addition to all that, ritePen is a screen grabbing machine that lets you select any section of the screen, annotate and highlight with ink and shapes, and save them to clipboard or Evernote.

Via: GottaBeMobile

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