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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surface RT for $199?

That's the rumor around the most important websites including Engadget. If this rumor becomes a reality then Apple will have a hard time trying to maintain the best sellers position during this Christmas.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The vulture calling the turkey bald head

Enough is enough. This is like a Vulture (Apple) trying to insult a Turkey (Samsung) calling him Bald Head.

And the worse thing is that when Samsung points to this fact in the history of Apple, the company feels insulted.

I have not sit on front of my Home PC for more than a year

I can do work in my iPad. All kind. This is what I learned in about a year of using my iPad as my "Main Pc". The iPad gives me an almost instant on even from a complete off state, a quick access to all emails in a friendly UI, the same applied to web browsing with the shortcomings of no flash and .net support. When I had to do that with my TabletPcs, UMPCs and Laptops I was wasting a lot of time waiting.

I have not sit on front of my Home PC to do any kind of work since I own the iPad. And I do a lot of work in my Home Pc that I can't do in my iPad. How is that? Well, Remote desktop. I keep my Home and Work PC all time on. Whenever I need to do something where I need a Pc I connect via logmein or VNCViewer or Webex and I work from my iPad in my PCs. The feeling when I do this is close to when I was working in my TabletPc, but a lot faster. My work and home PCs are good PCs, a lot better than my Tablet PC, a Fujitsu P1610.

I'm looking forward to get the Surface RT because I think that the integration between the Surface and my PCs will be a lot better than what I'm enjoying now with my iPad.

The trick is to understand that a Tablet is a companion PC no a PC. I enjoy all the simplicity of the Tablet simplified OS and when it's needed I use it as a Enter Data Interface connected to my PC. And the good thing with this approach is that is the equivalent to having your PC with you at all time. All you need is an Internernet connection.

What kind of job I do in my PCs (at work and at home) using my iPad as Data Enter Interface? From programming in VS, editing video, SSMS to Remote Tech Support via Webex.