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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

W7 = better performance

I have been testing W7 in my old Samsung Q1 Celeron UMPC and one thing that I have been saying and saying again is that W7 performs a lot better than Vista. Today Jason Dunn has published a very interesting article from where I’m taking this picture.


It’s a comparison between the Vista and Windows 7 about the amount of memory used by both systems and the relation with the amount of windows opened. The amount of memory used by Vista increase with the amount of windows opened. In Windows 7 it does not matter how many windows do you have opened, the amount of memory used stays the same.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Amtek will be in CES2009

Amtek will be present in the coming CES2009, January 8th in Las Vegas. The news comes from todoUMPC.com who received an invitation sent by this company.


From what I can see, Amtek will be showing a wider range of devices, from Tablet PC, UMPC, Netbooks and ending in Notebooks.

Monday, December 22, 2008

HD in your Roku

Some Roku owners have been reporting about a new firmware update version 1.5 which enables their unit to stream HD 720p movies from NetFlix! Really good news! I just checked Netflix and CSI Las Vegas, CSI New York and CSI Miami (all of them included in my queue) are available in HD. Heroes and NCIS are also available in HD 720p.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Navigation application for Android

Point to point navigation is coming soon to Android phones.


The program is currently in Alpha state but very solid according to some sources and it can be downloaded here. The bad news for our American readers is that currently is only available for the following countries: Germany,  France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria & Ireland.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Toshiba launches first 512GB SSD

I really think that the days of HDD are counted and that SSD is the future. And this news about Toshiba releasing a 512 GB SSD seems to confirm this idea.

Toshiba has announced its latest SSD line that includes the industry’s first 512GB SSD. That much storage capacity puts the SSD up there with some of the largest traditional HDDs aimed at notebook users. The 2.5-inch 512GB SSD is built using Toshiba’s 43nm NAND technology.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


What do you think? Are the UMPC dead? Here is what Gail Levy, marketing director of TabletKiosk, the maker of the first UMPC to hit the market has to say about it:

Every month, our eo sales continue to grow as more of our customers find the benefits of using a mobile, 7" touch screen computer, and at CES 2009 we will be showing our latest line extensions which we have developed in response to customer requests.

Our customers are attracted to the eo line because of its 7" touch screen which can run the full Windows OS. This is key because they are running or accessing full X86 applications and cannot use Windows Mobile, CE, or any other condensed program to run their software. The 7" screen can output to 1024x768 resolution without sacrificing viewability.

In our experience, these customers never utilized any of the consumer-friendly "Origami Experience" applications , which were designed by Microsoft to increase productivity, because these programs were simply not developed for business usage.

So to those that are nailing the coffin closed, playing taps or sitting "shivah" for the UMPC form factor, consider if you really saying goodbye to the UMPC as Microsoft's promise of the do-everything, inexpensive, mobile computer (the one being handily replaced by the netbook and mobile phone). From my perspective, the 7" touch screen tablet has a very bright future and isn't going away anytime soon!

It took me a while to understand it but at the end I came to the conclusion that the original concept from Microsoft just transformed it self in a wider concept where we have now a group of devices within the range between 5 to 10 inches that before was not almost targeted and when it was the price was extremely high. Like Gail I believe that we still see in the future UMPCs and Tablet PCs. Including within the UMPC category notebooks and 7 inches “Origamis”.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The worse password management

Chapin Information Service has published results of some tests designed to find how safe our passwords are kept by the different web browsers available to users. And guess what,

Safari and Chrome are essentially tied for the worst password manager


Monday, December 15, 2008

Readius photos from MobileRead Forums

MobileRead has posted some pictures of one of the most futurist eReaders that will hit the market in the next few months, the Readius.

What really does work well is the folding of the display. I admit I was nervous the first time Edzer handed me the device and asked me to open and close it. It takes some adjusting to fold a display if you are like me used to handle your precious e-book reader with utmost care.


As far as I remember this reader is all time connected thanks to its phone capabilities. If that’s the case, I can see on it a good chance of replacing the Kindle from its throne.

Friday, December 12, 2008

ritePen 50% Holiday discount

If you have a device with a touch screen or a TabletPC ritePen is a tool that I would recommend to check, and even more now that they are offering 50% off.

Write anywhere on the screen in smooth digital ink and your writing is instantly converted into text and entered into any Windows application - it's that simple!

New features of ritePen 3.0 include:
• Handwritten shortcuts (pen macros, ink commands) automate your routine desktop operations: opening favorite websites, applications and documents, entering standard texts and much more is now at your fingertips.
• You can import new words and special terms into custom user dictionary directly from your documents.
• Enhanced intelligent pen navigation on your desktop. ritePen understands when you are writing and doesn't interfere with scrolling, dragging and resizing windows, and other manipulations with your desktop.
• Italian handwriting recognition has been added to English, French, German, Russian and Spanish languages.
• Online auto-upgrade system (you will be receive automatic notifications about free upgrades).
• Multiple bug fixes and improvements.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fox talking about the Eee PC S101

I think that there is nothing more important now than saving money and this is a key factor in why many are turning their eyes to cheaper devices like netbooks and to be more specific to the Eee PC S101.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Acer, the most netbooks sold

Acer is doing very well selling the Aspire One, a device which I consider has a better quality than the Eee series from ASUS. 

…the Aspire One has indeed overtaken ASUS Eee PC as top dog in units moved. Acer's captured 38.3 percent of the market share, selling 2.15 million netbooks, while ASUS sold about 1.7 million, or 30.3 percent.

Via: Engadget

Win an Aspire One

If you want an Aspire One here is a way to win one. All you have to do is to create a video featuring the Aspire One from Acer.

I was checking some of the video sent and here is my favorite.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Alpha 400 – A netbook?

Now that Netbooks are the cooler thing around sellers are calling anything with a shape of a Netbook a Nebook. And this seems to be the case of the Alpha 400

The Alpha 400 netbook provides multimedia entertainment, Broadband Internet Access and Work on the Go! The Alpha 400 features the reliable Linux Operating System, BroadMIPS XBurst 400 MHz 32-bit CPU, 128 MB RAM, 1 GB NAND Flash storage, a 10/100 MB Ethernet interface and 802.11b wireless access.

To me, this is just a MID. A Netbook uses a full Desktop Operating System and this is not the case. A MIPS processor has a completely different architecture. For those who are not familiar, a program compiled for a MIPS processor does not work in any x86 computer and the same in the other way around.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Santa’s List 2008 From TabletPc2.com

If you are a tech person like I’m you have to agree with me that you are always curious about what other tech persons are buying in Christmas Time. Well, if you are agree with this, then here is a link that you want to check. One more thing, there are many other pages that are going to post other lists but none of them are going to have that feminine touch that Linda puts in to her list. Check it and you will see why I say this.

TG Sambo MID 'LLUON mobbit'

Wow! This title needs a translation! TG Sambo is a company that will sell next January a new MID called 'LLUON mobbit'.


Adopting a 4.8-inch display, the LLUON mobbit runs on Windows XP OS, Intel Atom Z520 processor and DDR2 1GB SDRAM. Other features included wireless LAN, Bluetooth connectivity, Active X support and Internet banking.

Price? Less than 500 dollars.

Via Aving USA

Monday, December 01, 2008

Simpsons video about Apple high prices

It was funny, apparently I’m not the only one that does not buy Apple’s campaigns about the greener laptop in the market unless “greener” is used to mean the amount of green dollars that you have to pay for one of those!

Linux in an iPhone

Yes, it’s possible and you can find all the details at this page. Now, if that’s possible then I’m more than sure that the next thing we are going to see is Android running in an iPhone.

And You may be asking yourself why some people are trying to do something like that to an iPhone which is considered by many the best OS for Smartphones available in the market. The reality is that they do this because THEY CAN. To me, Android is the best thing made in Linux for Smart Phones but I also consider that at this moment it still too “green” to fully compete against Apple’s SO in the iPhone. But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours?

Note: I’m a proud owner of a T-Mobile G1.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tweaks2k2 Black Friday Event

A picture says more than 1000 words, the price has been reduced from $15.50 to $5 on the ultimate registry hacking tool for Windows Mobile Devices: Tweaks2k2. Here is the direct link to discount page.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I’m a Tablet PC

A group of Tablet PC fans have put together a video “I’m a PC” style that I found instructive because it shows most of the things that captivated me about Tablet PCs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Again… the G1 does support Multi-Touch

There have been a lot of controversies going around this topic, but here is a video that without any doubt proves that at least a batch of T-Mobile G1 are made with a display that really supports Multi-Touch.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Windows!

Yes, 23 years ago Microsoft released Windows 1.0. I have to thanks Microsoft for reminding me that I’m that old. I can’t believe it. It’s like it was Yesterday the day when I started to use Windows.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CNN’s multi-touch weapon

This is something that to me, probably too involved in this tech world where Touch Screens and Digitizers are part of my normal life, was not anything new. But apparently for the majority of the people watching the CNN TV coverage of the past elections this was something completely amazing.  And I found that the next day when all the big newspapers were talking about the touch screens used by CNN  during the coverage. And here is a video that proves how amazed some were:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

G1 screen can handle multi-touch

Being Android a SO based on Linux it was not a big surprise to see a lot of developers going deep to find all kind of secrets hidden in the source code. According to this post, the T-Mobile G1, or at least part of them, can handle multi-touch. 

The G1 screen can definitely track 2 fingers. Why Android does not make use of this is an exercise for the reader to answer.

But, if you read the whole article you will find at the end that HTC has specified since the beginning the HTC Dream AKA T-Mobile G1 is not a multi-touch device and they could be producing at this moment a batch using screens that do not support this functionality. We even wont be able to know if the one we own is capable or not because from what I understand to run a real test you have to replace the current touch driver installed in the device and as far as I know that’s not something that many of us, level 0 in linux users, can do easily. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Windows 7 TIP

Our fellow MVP Craig Pringle has published a video that I’m sure that all Tablet PC owners will love. It shows the TIP enhancements in Windows 7.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windows 7 running in a Samsung Q1 - video

Here is a video published by TheDigitalLifeStyle.com showing W7 in a Samsung Q1P.

As you can see the endless HDD access practically has disappeared and everything moves a lot better in my opinion and comparing it to Vista.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All about Ultramobile PCs

My friend Chippy has put together a fantastic PDF file with all you need to know about the most popular category of computers of the last 2 years: Ultramobile PCs.

If you are buying one or you just are curious to know about these devices this is a link that you can’t miss.

Windows 7 is not better than Vista!?

That’s the message published recently in this article written by Randall C. Kennedy. I have to confess that I have not analyzed deeply his article but I’m sure that he has ran some benchmarks and tests to say what he said on that article. And I have to confess that at this point it just confuses me. Is he running the same W7 that I installed yesterday on my old 900 MHz Celeron M Samsung Q1? Because his results are far away from my experiences in the short period of time that I was using W7 on my machine Yesterday. It was a short time but enough for me to notice the difference in a machine that was used by me with Vista as my main machine for more than a Year.

I have not ran any tests or benchmarks yet because I wanted to fix first my drivers issues. But so far I can feel the difference. W7 responds a lot faster than Vista and if there is anything that is worrying me is that I see another “Drivers catastrophe” coming with this new release. I was expecting to see full compatibility between Vista and W7 drivers and apparently that’s not going to be the case.

At this moment I have one thing clear in my mind. The version of W7 that I have installed in my UMPC is what I want to have on it. No XP, No Vista but W7. At least that version is performing in my UMPC like a combination of the good things of XP and Vista. It’s not perfect but having fixed some of the worse performance issues gives me a lot of hope.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Windows 7 installed in a Q1


Yes, I installed it in my Q1 (Celeron M 900 MHz, 2 Gb of RAM). No Sound, drivers are not compatible. Still have some problems with the Intel Graphics Driver- I can't change resolution. First Impressions: Faster than Vista and comparable to XP. In another words, what Vista should have been. The installation process when also faster than Vista.

Windows 7 installed in a Gigabyte U60

This (Sp) is the first installation reported of Windows 7 in a Gigabyte U60, a UMPC using a VIA 1.2 GHz processor! First impressions, compared with Windows Tablet PC Edition SP3 (1:05 minutes), Windows 7 boots faster, in around 1:00 minute! In overall, Windows 7 performance in that machine is similar to what the author has seen in Windows Tablet PC 2005 Edition SP3! Really good news!

Windows 7 installed in a Q1P

IMG_5F00_1148_5F00_3FC90BE5I’m installing Windows 7 in my old Q1 (Celeron M) UMPC. Unfortunately I had some problems with my external DVD drive and I could not finish this project this weekend but somebody else did. Digital Life Style is reporting to have Windows 7 installed in a Q1P and according to that news, Windows 7 works in that UMPC better than Vista!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

does the G1 support multitouch?

Apparently it does support multitouch, it just does not have the proper software to make use of it. Check this video:

And here is another video that provees the same thing:

How to get root access on the G1

Members for XDA-Developers have found how to get access to Root on the G1. In another words they have got full control of the phone. This means that we are going to see many other applications enabling features that currently have been disabled or are not present in the G1 like the BT profiles needed to connect the phone as a modem, etc.

America has spoken

America has spoken
Originally uploaded by ctitanic
Congratulations Obama! You have shown the world that Yes, we can change!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tethering the G1

Ok, there is an intent of tethering the G1 going on here. I tried and it did not work on my recent updated RC29 firmware. The installation of the Proxy application failed using the Adm too or downloading it from the site.

But it’s a good news and we have to keep our eyes opened because sooner or later we will have a solution for those who wants to use the G1 as a modem to connect their UMPC or… any PC.

Posting from G1

Posting from G1
Originally uploaded by ctitanic
This is a test sent from my G1 via 3G Network.

T-Mobile G1 firmware updated

My G1 automatically downloaded today a firmware update version TC4-RC29 115247.



When I unlocked the phone to make a call I got a message on the screen telling me about the update and asking me if I wanted to have it installed. I clicked on No because I was busy on that moment. Later when I was ready I unlocked the phone again and there was the same question, this time I clicked on Update and the above pictures show what happened after.

Here's the list of what is fixed on this update taken from T-Mobile Website:

  • Wrong field is focused when keyboard is opened in Messaging application: Now when the keyboard is opened, the focus will default to the compose (text entry) field.
  • Cannot associate with Wi-Fi access point using shared WEP key: Should now be able to associate to access points with a shared WEP key.
  • Google Contacts/Calendar Sync (endless loop).
  • USB storage: Now a USB notification will appear in the notifications area when connected via USB. Users must select to use USB Storage if desired. 
  • Email notification doesn't disappear when the Email has been read (POP/IMAP Email client).
  • New Email notifications not received (POP/IMAP Email client).
  • Browser does not launch YouTube video when Settings > Enable JavaScript is unchecked.
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth occasionally disconnect while charging.
  • Support silencing of Email notifications (POP/IMAP Email client)
  • Amazon MP3 fix for files with underscores (_) in the filenames

So far I only have noticed one change. Now, every time I connect the phone to my PC via USB an icon appears in the top bar allowing me to click on it to enable the USB File Transfer (HDD Mode).


A really useful feature I would say because before I had to click on settings and then go to SD card and phone storage to enable the HDD mode.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Long lines in Florida

I voted today and let me tell you guys, I stood in line for 4.5 hours. Thanks God I brought with me my Kindle and my T-Mobile G1.




The above 3 pictures showing the line were taking using the G1 and sent to my Flickr account using a program for Android called PixelPipe.

Friday, October 31, 2008

T-Mobile G1 gets naked

Yes, if you want to see the other pictures, just click in this link.


My opinion: No comments at this time.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

White pages in your caller ID

Here is another application I found today for my Android Phone that I find a must have. It’s called Caller ID from White Page and here is a video that shows how it works.

The application can be downloaded free at Android Market Place.

At the end, both are the same…

Let’s put a little bit of humor into the Mac vs PC controversy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walmart will sell the T-Mobile G1

According to news published a few minutes ago at Engadget, Walmart will start selling the T-Mobile G1, the first Android phone, tomorrow and that’s not all, the price will be $148.88, that’s 31 dollars cheaper than what is selling it for!

F….! I should have waited 3 days! Disappointed

My Android Fav Applications

Do you remember what I said a few days ago about needing to get use to the Android G1, well, I have been playing for around 3 days already with this phone and part of the problems that I had at the beginning have disappeared thanks -like I predicted- to applications developed for this new platform.

One of my first problems was that I was used to just to hold a key in my old phone to dial a number. In a T-Mobile G1, without installing anything to do this was virtually impossible.  But… installing an application from the Android Market Place called AnyCut you can create shortcuts to virtually anything, including a phone number. In this way all you have to do to dial a number is unlock the screen and click in the shortcut for that number.

Another of my favorite applications is ShopSavy. I went this weekend to an Outlet store where supposedly price are lower than in other stores. Found a portable speakers for iPod and decided to test ShopSavy. Scanned the barcode using the camera phone and guess what? The price in the store was $12.99 and ShopSavy found a few pages online selling it for $6.99! I tested it also on a PSP game and the program found the best price online and also using the GPS integrated in the phone it looked for best prices in local stores around my current location! So definitely ShopSavy is my new best friend.

Living in South Florida weather is something really important for me and more now that we still are in hurricane season. iMap has all I need, current weather conditions, detailed and extended weather forecasts and radar views . The radar animation feature is just amazing. It takes a few minutes to get it working when I’m on 3G but when I’m connected via WiFi it takes just a few seconds.

In a note apart, I got 3G connectivity at work, that’s 10 miles away from my house. At home I have 3G if I’m not inside of the house. When I went “hunting for 3G” like I said in my previous post, I was actually shopping around and every time I checked the 3G connectivity I was inside of a store and I was not getting any 3G signal. So it seems to me that in an area of 2 miles (probably less) around my house there is 3G connectivity but not strong enough when you are inside of a building. Using a program called iNetwork Test (Web Test in here) I tested the download speed and it was around 874 kbps, which is not bad according to what others with this phone are getting.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oprah loves the Kindle

I have been reading about it everywhere in the web but just to day I found a picture of it.


Oprah has a Kindle! And she is helping to all that want one by offering a 50 dollars off coupon OPRAHWINFREY if you buy it before October 31st.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

T-Mobile 3G Coverage

Something that you should be aware when your buy your T-Mobile G1 is that even when they said that they have 3G in your area what they really mean is that you are probably have it soon. To prove it I have prepared 3 pictures.





And the above picture is what you get.

Pictures say more than 1000 words. I have to add that I drove Yesterday around 2 miles in all directions from my house in a 3G hunting expedition and no 3G in anywhere.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I got the G1, First Impressions

Definitely, the ugliest thing I have seen in my whole life. You need sometime to get use to it, specially if you are going to use if just as a phone. To place a call you need to tap the screen at least 3 times and you have to look into the screen to do it so definitely this is not something that you want to do while you are driving. I'm probably too use to just hold pressed a key to dial a predefined number.  Making a call using your voice is a "fantasy" included in that phone. At least for me. My Windows Mobile Phone was a lot better in this point.

Using the phone as a GPS navigation system in your car is far away... yet. You can get directions but nothing that you can use while driving. Again, my Windows Mobile Device performs better thanks to 3rd party software. But having a GPS I doubt that we are not going to see this applications ported to Android.

I could not find anyway to install applications unless they are included in the Market Place. And there are applications out there like Opera for Android that I wanted to test. I stayed away from the iPhone because I did not like the whole concept of a close market but so far I have not seen anything different on this T-Mobile phone.

A lot of potential so I'll keep it but I would say that this product was put prematurely into the market.

Update: I was able to install some applications out of the Android Market. Seems to me that to install the Apk has to be created using the latest Android SDK. I still investigating the issue.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another one, come on Apple move on!

Come on! Move On! Tell me what is good about you!


Here is a new UMPC that will be released I hope soon. Made by an unknown to me company called MIU, this machine is categorized by Engadget like a Hybrid Dual Portable Computer or HDPC. The reason why is because it uses two operating systems, XP and a none specified Mobile OS. Windows Mobile? Android?


A 500 dollars machine is a piece of Junk

Recently Steve Job was asked about Netbooks and here is what he says:

"We don't know how to make a $500 machine that's not a piece of junk, and our DNA won't let us do it."  …and totally shot down a question about touch / tablet computing.

I was talking a few minutes ago with a friend of mine about this comment and he made a point. The first part of this comment is not news. We all know that Apple does not know what the word cheap means. The second part of the news is really something completely new. Apparently those who prefer Macs is because they have it recorded in their genes, it’s part of their DNA. That explains everything, including the huge amount of posts that we receive every time that we post a comment about Apple.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The war of the giants continues

In a typical Apple’s move this company has released two new tv adds good enough for a laugh.

Again, no too much about what I should switch to Apple but what Microsoft “is doing wrong”. I wonder who has wasted more money in TV Adds because for years I have seen on TV are these Apple’s Adds.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

T-Mobile G1 review - Engadget

Engadget has published the most complete review about the T-Mobile G1 that I have read.


The G1 isn't going to blow anyone's mind right out of the gate. Looking only at the hardware, there's nothing here that's particularly impressive, yet nothing that's particularly bad (though the GPS needs some work). It's a fine, solidly designed device that has enough style to please most users -- but it won't win a ton of beauty pageants. Think of it this way: if it were running Windows Mobile, it'd be a footnote in HTC's history.

Well, after reading this review I have to rethink a little bit the whole idea of buying one. There is not any doubt in my mind that Android will be a tough competition for Windows Mobile and for the iPhone. Android has the energy of a teenager while Windows Mobile has not been changed a lot in the last 2 years. At least I do not see there the adventure that I see in the Android any more. If you think about, Windows Mobile still alive because programmers of many other companies are creating amazing applications that compete well again iPhone. But the OS by itself still almost the same since WM5. The problem is that Google/T-Mobile did a huge mistake by picking this HTC design to start the battle against Microsoft and Apple. That together with the few things that I read in this review has made me to reevaluate my plans about buying one. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.


T-Mobile G1 review - Engadget

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Switching to digital is easy

This video could seem funny but it really made a point. Check it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Typewriter vs Eee 901

No everybody thinks that a PC is the best option when you are writing a book.

Monday, October 13, 2008

iPhone with Windows Mobile

Today seems to me that is going to be a day all relative about phones. Here is an amazing news, a Norwegian teenager has created a program to have dual-boot into Windows Mobile in his iPhone.

Check the video.

To be or not to be

I’m sitting here looking to a friend of mine writing an article about why he is not getting the T-Mobile G1. I have not read what he is writing but probably I can guess part of what he is going to say in this article. One thing is for sure, that beast is ugly. And this is not something that only we, end users have noticed. Here is an ex employee from Google that also said the same:

The reason many people see the G1 as ugly and old-fashioned is simply… because it IS! It’s a design unchanged for a while (it’s now available in Zune-brown along with white and black).

I still looking for a reason of why they made such marketing mistake putting a complete new Operating System, I should add long waited, in such ugly phone and I can’t find a logical explanation.

But anyway… I still tempted to buy one (the white one to make it more appealing). Why? Because even when the phone is what we already know the software in that phone is very promising. And the company behind that software is also a company which always has been a synonym of simplicity combined with elegancy.

There are many applications that are going to be released in the next few months for Android that will let everybody breathless. Do not believe me? Check this videos.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sony new PRS700 goes online

Amazon Kindle is not longer the only eReader with the capability of buying books online and download them to the reader without needing a PC. According to this video, the new Sony PRS700 can do the same though is not clear what kind of wireless connectivity they are using to achieve that. My guess is that they use WiFi.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Driver update for P1610

If you have Vista SP1 installed in your P1610 then you may have this problem. 

Windows Vista® SP1 will prevent the shock sensor program from running if the shock sensor is detected during SP1 installation.


And here is the funny thing, the latest shock sensor driver version listed at any of the Fujitsu support sites is the 2.0L20 but looking into Fujitsu Singapore LifeBook FAQ you will find the above issue reported and a new driver version 2.0L20D link. I love Fujitsu’s devices but it’s one of the worse companies supporting their devices with latest drivers.

Support & Downloads - FUJITSU Singapore

How to Draw a Profile of a Horse in your Tablet PC

If you have a Tablet PC I’m sure that you have tried already your drawing capabilities on it. Some of us do not pass from that point but others take this task to the next level. And that’s the case of this video.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Acer Aspire One (AA1) Fan Control

Living  South Florida has few advantages. One of them is the high temperature. Yes, having a high temperature means that we have our AC running more time and on top of that ceiling fans in each room. All that causes noise, and that’s the advantage: we can not hear the cpu fan noise in our devices. Those living in a cooler climate do not have all this extra noise so the cpu fan noise sounds to them like a mosquito flying around your head. Well, if you own a Acer Aspire One here is a freeware that you may want to have in  your device to control that noise coming from the CPU fan.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fujitsu and AT&T

AT&T has decided to use mini Tablet PC in its stores to increase productivity.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Tablet PC Use at Vassar College

I love videos that show how useful TabletPC are. Tablet PC are a more advanced kind of laptop. To put it into simple words. The following video is good complement to what I just said.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Best Software Awards 2008 Winners Announced

One more time, this year, Tweask2k2 has won the SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2008.

October 2, 2008

For Immediate Release

Best Software Awards 2008 Winners Announced

The Winners in Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s Eighth Annual Best Software Awards for Windows Mobile software have been announced at www.Smartphonemag.com/Awards.  Eighty members of the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Board of Experts judged 936 Windows Mobile products in 194 Pocket PC and Smartphone categories. Winners are also listed in the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine 2009 Resource Guide first seen late November.

From the Publisher of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine, Hal Goldstein "The annual Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards helps users select software that best suits their Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone needs by honoring companies that produce outstanding software. The awards process is a huge 6-month undertaking involving the experts of the Windows Mobile community starting with over 15,000 Pocket PC and Smartphone products."

The Awards Process
Nominations Manager, Werner Ruotsalainen, and the Board of Expert judges spent two months selecting 936 award nominees, about 20% of the software in the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories.

The Board of Experts
The Board of Experts voted for the finalists and winners are from all over the world. They run prominent Web Sites, serve as Microsoft MVPs, and write for Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and other organizations. These experts all are volunteers and none are employed by Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine.

Winners & Finalists listed in last issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine -- available in new Knowledge Bundle
The Knowledge Bundle contains 2009 Resource Guide (last issue) with Awards Winners & Finalists, GPS, How-tos and Accessories sections, 100-page How-to Guide, Back-Issues of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and a 15% discount on all Windows Mobile software. www.pocketpcmag.com/cms/bundle.


Noah Ouellette,

New Products Editor, noah@smartphonemag.com 
Hal Goldstein, Publisher, hal@thaddeus.com
Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine
Thaddeus Computing
Phone: 800 373-6114
FAX:  641-472-8409

Home made UMPC

There are customers that are very hard to please, and there are some of them that are willing to do what ever it takes to get what they want.  And this is the case of one of todoUMPC forum members who did not find the ideal UMPC in the market so he decided to make his own one. To do that he used parts from a Aspire One Netbook and a touch screen kit.


I’m sure that from the above picture nobody could have guessed that it’s a home made device. Am I wrong?

TodoUMPC foro: Home Made UMPC

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chippy emptied his pockets

It’s hard to see Chippy from UMPC Portal really excited with any device. And this is because he has been lucky enough to play with most of them and when you do that you get like vaccinated against those buying impulses that you get when you see something you that you really like. Well, apparently, the vaccine failed and Chippy has bought a Gigabyte M912M sent to him for a review. Why? Lets him tell you about it in this video.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snipping Tool in Vista

Vista includes now tools that were part of Windows Tablet PC Edition and not included in XP. One of them is the Snipping Tool, one of the most useful tools in the Operating System for those like me trying to keep alive a blog.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&amp;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:41991158-5cf1-4646-8911-b0f59ed63b11&amp;showPlaylist=true&amp;from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Windows Vista Demo: Snipping Tool">Video: Windows Vista Demo: Snipping Tool</a>

I like this effort of Microsoft trying to create educational videos that show how to use the new capabilities of Vista. It’s a lot better than going around criticizing other Operating Systems. Show me what you do and I’ll decide if that’s what I need.

Monday, September 29, 2008



ClarionMIND is a new MID running Linux using an Intel Atom processor.  You can read more about this device at Aving USA.

The ClarionMiND is expected to be available in North America in this November and in Europe market in January, 2009.

And I wonder, would you buy a MID now that the price of some netbooks is really low?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Any volunteer?

Any volunteer willing to lend a Tablet PC for this test? I’m bringing the hammer!

The real PC

My friend Rob from Gottabemobile found this video that shows the real PC guy, Sean Siler.

Oh, if anyone has any doubt, Ctitanic is a PC!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sylvania G Netbook Meso

The Sylvania G Netbook Meso is probably the latest Netbook being released in USA.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looking for a UMPC?

Wait a minute! Do not buy anything yet! Do you know that you can win an UMPC just by participating in this contest? All you have to do is send them an article about UMPCs and if you win you will get one of the two UMPC that they are giving away to the first two winners. And yes, it does not matter if you don’t speak Spanish. You can send your article in English too!

Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard

If you own a Tablet PC or a UMPC then you should visit Scriblink. Scriblink is a whiteboard online. I could try to describe all that can be done using this whiteboard but I’m afraid that words are not enough. You have to see it by yourself. It’s amazing. 

Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That’s an ugly MF

picture-4Do you remember Predator, the movie? Do you remember that part when one of the movie heroes see the ET for the first time and then he says… “You are an ugly MF”. Well that’s the reaction I have when I see the  picture of the new T-Mobile G1, the first android (is this a coincidence?) phone.  This thing is SUPER UGLY!

I’m a T-Mobile customer and I have been thinking about to buy a phone with Android but let me say this clear, unless they give it for free and won’t get one! Come on HTC! Your company has released State of the Art SmartPhones! What happened to your designers! Were they drunk or what?

T-Mobile G1 specs leaked prior to announcement

Monday, September 22, 2008

New eReaders coming from iRex

iRex is about to start selling a new eReader, the 1000 which will be sold in 3 different versions, the 1000, 1000S and 1000SW. Starting price? About 650 dollars! I really don’t think that that’s the way to go. eReaders should be cheaper. It’s like printers, they are cheap because they are going to get your money anyway selling you the toners and cartridges.

Via - Engadget

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SAMSUNG 's First Netbook

 80a863fe48d4680a400x400Samsung has released its first notebook, the NC10, in Korea. A move that many of us were expecting.

SAMSUNG finally released their first netbook called NC10 in Korea with U$ 690.00 price tag. Actually, this NC10 discovered earlier in WiBro (WiMax) product launching ceremony which presented by Korea Telecom in August.

SAMSUNG also joins world of netbook

Friday, September 19, 2008

Definitely I’m a PC

After watching many TV Commercials from Apple making look the PC guy as a fool guy I have to confess that I felt really happy when I saw the latest Microsoft commercial.

Definitely, I’m a PC!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


img1_1792345Here is a little program just released by Microsoft and that you may want to install in your PC.

Desktops allows you to organize your applications on up to four virtual desktops. Read email on one, browse the web on the second, and do work in your productivity software on the third, without the clutter of the windows you’re not using. After you configure hotkeys for switching desktops, you can create and switch desktops either by clicking on the tray icon to open a desktop preview and switching window, or by using the hotkeys.

Why to buy a Tablet PC

If you are a college student you may have seen the wannabe funny Apple TV Ad saying that college students only think about pizza so the guy representing Windows hides in a Pizza Box. Well, I don't know about you but that ad did not show me anything that tells me why a college student should buy a Mac. So let me post here a video with a real college student telling others why they should buy a Tablet PC.

Zune, better but still...

Yesterday I updated my Zune to the latest software and firmware, Version 3.0. While the PC part of the software did not change too much, it still slow, consuming a lot of resources, being the last thing you want to have to handling your music collection, with a very simplistic way to categorize your music taste (good or bad, come on, give me back the 5 stars system), the mp3 player part of it has changed up to the point that I believe that there is not any other mp3 player capable of compete against the Zune.

This new version has put in full us the WiFi capability of this device allowing people to check the online store and purchase songs on it. But this is not all, now you can tag songs while you are listening the radio and buy them later on, when you connect your Zune to your PC. I tested this feature Yesterday and I love it.

They added a few more options like Games, a more sophisticated social, etc, which do not mean to much for me but I'm sure that teenagers will love it.

Yes, Zune is in my opinion the mp3 player that gives you more for your money. You won't find any mp3 where you can buy songs right from the FM radio embedded in the player, that option along separates this player from the rest.

Now the only thing that we really need is Microsoft to go back to the PC part of it and redo that part form 0 because what we have is not good at all.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Microsoft Surface piano demo

It seems to me that soon you wont need a piano to play your favorite music, all you are going to need is a Surface, with the advantage that using the Surface you could do more than playing piano.

Microsoft Surface piano demo - SuperSite Blog

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plastic Logic Reader Demo

A few day ago we posted about a new eBook Reader to be released to market next year, I'm talking about Plastic Logic Reader. Well, here is a video I found about a prototype of it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kohjinsha SX3 review

Here is another review that you don't want to miss. This one is coming from JKK.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

eBook Readers everywhere

eBook Readers are conquering the market little by little and I would say that all that thanks to Amazon.

Everun Note full review.

 IMG_7250The Everun Note is so far the biggest step forward I have seen this year is the UMPC arena. It's a small package with a big heart inside.

Yes, it appears that Raon Digital have broken through with a new class of device here. Its much smaller than a netbook (less than half the volume, 70% of the weight) and yet it packs a CPU and GPU that can leave netbooks standing.

The above comment comes for one of the most complete reviews I have seen about this device and it can be read here.

Monday, September 08, 2008

TabletKiosk® Introduces the Eyesboard™

TORRANCE, CA, September 8, 2008 — TabletKiosk®, a leading manufacturer of Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) computing solutions, continues to improve the slate-style Tablet PC user experience by including the Eyesboard™ on-screen virtual keyboard on all of its systems as well as offering it as a free download for existing TabletKiosk Tablet PC and UMPC owners.

The Eyesboard, created by PlazaLOGIC, is an on-screen, virtual QWERTY keyboard, that enables users to type directly on the screen with their fingers or a stylus. Sporting a realistic "3D" look, multiple language options, easy size adjustment, choice of colors, and optional settings — including opacity, "snapable" palettes, menu buttons and sound effects — the Eyesboard virtual keyboard is highly customizable to best fit each user’s unique needs.

“Given that touch screen kiosks with virtual keyboards are now commonly used in airports and retail stores, today’s Tablet PC owners are more familiar with the idea of on-screen typing,” said Martin Smekal, president of TabletKiosk. “By including the Eyesboard as a standard feature on all of our tablets, we believe that we have greatly improved the overall mobile computing experience.”

The Eyesboard virtual keyboard looks and behaves like an actual computer keyboard with its traditional QWERTY key layout, separate numeric keypad and accessible function keys. To maximize screen real estate, the Eyesboard is fully user resizable, and capable of docking or minimizing to the taskbar—so that the keyboard is always accessible even when editing a full size document. It also features adjustable opacity settings to allow whatever is below it to be completely hidden or partially visible. In addition, the Eyesboard virtual keyboard conveniently appears at the Windows Log-In screen for easy password input, but runs with restricted functionality to maintain system security.

“The inclusion of the Eyesboard virtual keyboard for on-screen typing absolutely enhances the usability of our Sahara Slate PC® and eo® Ultra-Mobile PC systems, especially for those users new to the platform,” said Martin Smekal. “The Eyesboard is the perfect complement to the slate Tablet PC form factor because it provides an extremely familiar method of entering text without adding extra components or weight.”

About TabletKiosk®

TabletKiosk is a registered trademark and wholly owned subsidiary of Sand Dune Ventures Inc., a privately held technology incubator. The company produces slate-style Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs marketed and sold through an authorized reseller channel and directly through its website. For more information, visit www.tabletkiosk.com.

About PlazaLOGIC

PlazaLOGIC Ltd. Is a software design company that specializes in developing solutions for Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and touch screen computers. For more information, visit www.plazalogic.com.

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gate's ad

I have read many comments about the first Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gate's ad shown recently in many TV channels and Youtube but in most of the cases what I have read have been attacks and incomprehension. But, like somebody say, it's irrelevant if they talk bad or good, the relevant thing is that they are talking about you. And I say this because after reading this email sent to all Microsoft employees I'm sure that you will understand why I said this.

From: Bill Veghte
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 5:37 PM
To: Microsoft - All Employees (QBDG)
Subject: Telling the story of Windows

Since it first launched nearly 25 years ago, Windows has been one of the most successful products in the history of the high tech industry. As we set our sights on the next 25 years, it is essential that we deliver incredible offerings on a great platform. We must also tell the story of how Windows enables a billion people around the globe to do more with their lives today. We must inspire consumers with the promise of what Windows uniquely makes possible across the PC, phone and web.

Telling our story means making significant investments to improve the way consumers experience Windows. To that end, we are focused on making improvements at practically every consumer touch point, from the moment they hear about the Windows brand in our advertising to how they learn more about Windows products online; from how they view Windows and try it at retail to how they use the entire range of Windows offerings – Windows Vista, Windows Mobile and Windows Live – across their whole life.

Today, we are kicking off a highly visible advertising campaign. The first phase of this campaign is designed to engage consumers and spark a new conversation about Windows – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always be marked by humor and humanity. The first in this series of television ads airs initially in the U.S., and it aims to re-ignite consumer excitement about the broader value of Windows. The first television spot aired on NBC during the opening game of the NFL season and will be seen throughout the evening on various primetime programs. Worldwide, you can view this first TV spot at http://msw.

This first set of ads features Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Think of these ads as an icebreaker to reintroduce Microsoft to viewers in a consumer context. Later this month, as the campaign moves into its next phase, we’ll go much deeper in telling the Windows story and celebrating what it can do for consumers at work, at play and on-the-go. At that time, I’ll be back to share more information about our plans to further strengthen the bond between consumers and Windows – one of the most amazing products, businesses and brands of all time, and, with the right tenacity, passion and agility from all of us, a story that has many great chapters to come.

Evidently this ad has done a good job letting people waiting for more. And in future ads the whole message will be sent to everybody without "stupid" attacks apple style.

Via - SuperSite Blog

Friday, September 05, 2008

XXX images of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9

qh_ther8I know that you are always willing to see the insides of any new device, it's the same effect that causes a title like the one I used in this article, XXX and "For free" always brings a lot of traffic!

And my friend JKK knows that very well, reason why he is the first in publishing pictures of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Hardware in his blog

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Third TodoUMPC.com Contest

If  you have not got an UMPC yet here is a chance to win 1 of the two UMPCs being gave away in this Contest at todoUMPC.

It's not an easy task to convince a reader to give up his Anonymous condition and make him participate in a forum sharing time, asking and answering questions.

But the TodoUMPC community still growing, up to the point that we are now celebrating our 3000 registered members. So we thought about a special contest to celebrate, we are asking users to become TodoUMPC reporters for one day [for the chance of winning an UMPC].

Check this link to know the details. 

And yes, this is not a mistake, they are giving away no one but two UMPC, an AmtekU560 and a Wibrain B1. And yes again, you can participate in English!

Google Chrome is not Tablet and touch friendly

I'm glad to see that I'm not the one saying that since day one. Chrome does not support Tablet PCs or UMPCs or any touch screen device. And that's basically what Incremental Blogger is saying. 

I will say, that so far, it appears that the browser is too keyboard/mouse centric for me. I think it could be designed better for a touch device (or Tablet PC device).

This is something that all Tablet PC and UMPC owners have been fighting from day one the first Tablet was sold to the marked, the only browser with "support" for this devices is IE. There are few things and add-ons for Firefox that help but still nothing like IE. And I'm a FireFox user so I know what I'm talking about. To use the ink feature in forums like todoUMPC or Gottabemobile I need to use IETab in Firefox, to give you an example. And so far I have not found any workaround on Chrome to make it more Tablet PC friendly, of course, this is a beta version and it's not a bad one so I hope to see more coming from Google.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome looks faster

I have not measure anything, it's just my appreciation but if feels faster!


One big NO NO for me! It does not have Tablet PC support!

Google Chrome tabs are separate Windows processes

google_chrome_tasksJKonTheRun has just posted a very interesting screen shot about how the new Google Web Browser is using the memory.

The first thing I checked with Google Chrome running multiple tabs is how it appears in the Windows Task Manager. Sure enough, each tab is its own separate process with resources allocated in Windows. According to the Google press conference, plugins running within those tabs will get another separate process. I can see an awful lot of Windows processes going at once with typical busy web sessions.

I still not sure if this is a good feature or not. In IE or Firefox if one of the tabs crashes the whole program crashes, in this case I'm not sure but if it crashes only that particular tab and the other tabs still good them it's a good thing.

Google Chrome can be downloaded here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Humans have short memory

I'm going to post today a fragment of an article where I have removed the Operating System name in a few places. 

[Operating System Name in here] is also a Trojan horse that enables Mr Gates and a horde of even less welcome folks to invade your privacy, exploit your computer and empty your wallet.

So why are all these idiots in computer stores drooling at the prospect? Answer: because [Operating System Name in here] is a monstrous, bloated brute that requires a state-of-the- art PC and two gigabytes of hard disk space before it will even say 'hello'. This means any consumer foolish enough to want to run [Operating System Name in here] will probably have to buy a new PC.

Does not this sounds familiar to you? is not it like the author is talking about Vista? Well, be surprised, this article was posted at The Observer, in October 21st of 2001 and it was talking about Windows XP. The same Windows XP that many are now recommending to stay with instead of installing Vista.

Have you heard of Mojave Experiment? Click in the link and check the videos in there. They are self explanatory.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More than 750 free eBooks for your Kindle

Diesel eBooks has put together a list of more than 750 eBooks in PRC format that can be downloaded from  and read it in your Kindle.

There are very good classics from Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Jule Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc. And all of them, like I said, already formatted to be read in your Kindle. That page is also Kindle friendly so you can access it on your Kindle and download the files using your Kindle.

SanDisk releases 30MB/s SDHC cards

This is a very good news for those looking for a fast memory card to use it with Vista Readyboost.

SanDisk is releasing 30MBps SDHC that can write 39 6MB frames at 4.5 frames per second without stopping to take a breath. These cards are 10MBps up from the former 20MBps cards offered earlier.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Vista Annoyances Resolved

So far the best article I have read about Vista and its so called "issues".  The author shows with facts that we are living now with Vista the same process that we lived years ago with XP. And not only that, the author presents a series of tips to make your Vista experience a lot better.

An operating system is no ordinary piece of software - it's the platform upon which a potentially limitless combination of hardware and software operates. A lot of the 'annoyances' people often quote are actually default features deliberately designed to accommodate the broadest range of uses and users. In other words Microsoft has configured Vista to suit the 'average user' by default, however there is no such thing as an actual average user; each and every user is different. For this reason Microsoft has also provided a large number of settings and options both above and beneath the hood of Windows so that end users with the appropriate knowledge or guidance can customize Vista to better suit their particular needs. That's where this article and the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion (see below) come in. The aim is to provide you with the relevant information and guidance to help you understand how things work, point you to the tools you can use to customize the settings, and the impact those changes are likely to have.

VIA and robots

What a UMPC and a robot could have in common?

Well, you can read the answer in the above photo, a VIA processor. And if the picture does not convince you, here is a video:

Apple and Wibrain?

One of the visitors to Wibrain Kiosk at IDF was Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple.

Steve m1

Steve i1

Is Apple exploring the market to make it own UMPC?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Unboxing the Kohjinsha SX2, JKK Style

Here is a video that you don't want to miss about one of the best UMPC or mini Tablet, whatever name you prefer, in the market.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

UMPC are here to stay

This is a very nice article that I found today and that I would recommend to read to anyone that still have doubts about the UMPC platform. 

Some critics seem to think that UMPC (ultra mobile PCs) are just a fad. Wrong. They're here to stay.

The author is completely right. UMPC are today stronger than ever.

Viliv S7

Chippy from UMPCPortal has found at IDF a new UMPC that will be released in the first quarter of 2009. This one has a shape of a mini Tablet PC with a 7 inches display and will use an Atom processor. I hope that it uses the dual core Atom announced yesterday by Intel. That would be nice.

Lenovo ideapad S10 Netbook - Hands-On

Lenovo releases recently a 10 inches display netbook. A machine that your can fully appreciate in this video.

The use of a latest generation Atom processor at 1.6 GHz should give this machine a really good performance.

The New Way: A Tablet PC is my office.

Are you wonder how a Tablet PC can help you in your business? Check this video:

Fully paperless! That's the way to go!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Atom Dual Core

Intel just announced the release in September of a dual core version of the mobile processor Atom.

It looks like we'll be seeing Intel's new dual-core Atom 330 on the market sooner rather than later. The chip will launch in September accompanied by a refreshed D945GCLF2 motherboard, and is targeted at entry-level computer users, users in emerging markets, PC enthusiasts who want a basic home PC, and customized point-of-sale terminals.

Wow! That's good news. Finally Intel is taking care of performance.

Intel announces dual-core Atom, chains it to 945C chipset

Reporting from IDF

If you want to know what is going at IDF you then don't want to miss this video with our friend Steve "Chippy" and Jeff Moriarty.

Sunlight visibility

That's a question that I have been asked many times and that has been answered wonderfully at Pocketeables.net

Since many prospective UMPC buyers want to know how readable a particular device's display is outdoors and in direct sunlight, my husband and I headed to Kawaikui Beach Park in nearby Aina Haina this afternoon to find out. We stacked my HTC Shift, Willcom D4, Sony Vaio UX180P, Fujitsu U810, Kohjinsha SC3, and the Gigabyte M704 I have on loan from Direct From Japan in a travel bag, cranked up their screen brightness levels, and set them up on a picnic table. Have a closer look below.


In my own experience none of these devices compare to a Fujitsu P1620 or P1610 outdoor screen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tweaks2k2 24 hours Back to School Event!

When I'm not blogging here I'm working on Tweaks2k2, the registry hacking tool for Pocket PC and Smart Phones. And I know that many of you probably have given your children a Pocket PC know that they are going back to school. So I have decided to help you a little bit reducing the price of my application for 24 hours.

Tweaks2K2 24 Hours Event!

Dell Inspiron 910 Mini Note, available this Friday?

I know that many of you are waiting to see what is going to happen with this UMPC. And the main reason is because Dell is well known for having very low prices in devices with very good potential sells. 

Now we've gotten our hands on the full (internal) 910 web documentation. Along with scoping shots from every angle, we've learned that the 910 will support SSDs up to 16GB and has what looks to be very moddable internals (large Phillips-head screws hold that SSD in place). The system will go on sale in just a few days, August 22nd our source says, but we still don't know whether or not that $299 starting price is just a myth.

Leaked: Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) Specs and Release Date

Monday, August 18, 2008

3 New Tablets coming from HP next month

HP announced today the release of 3 more tablet pcs according to this news published at CrunchGear.

HP today introduced three ultra-portable notebook computers, including a three-pound(1) EliteBook, the smallest and lightest HP notebook with a built-in optical drive.

The prices on these Tablets go from 1000  up to 1600 dollars.

PS: After reading the whole news again, it's not clear to me if it's just one Tablet PC and two notebooks or 3 Tablet PCs.

Speed Launch

This is a little application coming from Microsoft Office Labs

This is the first community prototype from Office Labs. Community prototypes are projects Microsoft employees work on in their spare time. Speed Launch's goal is to let you get to the stuff you use faster and with less frustration.

VĂ­deo: Introduction to Speed Launch

I have not tested it yet but according to this Spanish site, it uses 30 MB of RAM.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Know your enemy

This comment was left recently at my blog in a post where I was talking about a video showing a laptop thief in plain action:

its actually quite simple go to best buy when its busy, ask for something compact like me i asked for a mac book air, i shoped for a bit hid it under my coat mind you it was winter at the time, so i was not standing out like a sore thumb, picked something out got to the register paid for it, i walked out the alarm went off, and said oops and showed the guy my reciept with my bag and cd i bought, and walked out, went home played around with my new mac book air for a few weeks, and then sold it on ebay now $1,800 richer :D number 1 way to get away with it stay calm, the goon squad at best buy cant touch you or intercept you, all they can do is call the cops but if you notice a lot of store drones looking at you thats a good hint to GTFU and scan your suroundings for signs of the MAN on your tail.

I'm not saying that whoever wrote this is for real a thief but judging by the spelling this could be the case. The main reason I'm posting it now in the main page is to show our readers how these guys work. Every store should train employees in the same way Casinos do. A simple one hour training showing all these little tricks could save them thousands of dollars. Sometimes a video surveillance system is not enough.

ULTRA MOBILE PC TIPS: How to steal a laptop

Friday, August 15, 2008

1 million UMPC from Dell may be coming soon

A little note published today at Blocks and Files says that Dell is about to release 1 million UMPC to the market. 

According to a source Dell has a soon-to-be launched ultra-mobile notebook computer which will use STEC solid state drives (SSD)

The news is talking about the Dell E Netbook, a device that was not released this week like many tech specialist were expecting - including me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tell editors what you want to read

There is one gadget that I use more than my cell phone and believe it or not sometimes even more than my lovely P1610, this gadget is my Kindle. Today I read that there are more than 150000 books converted by Amazon and editors to eBook. And the best news, they have created a way to tell editors what you want to read in your Kindle if it not available yet in the Kindle Store.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everun Note performance... too good to be true

everunnoteSteve, from UMPC Portal has received today a Benchmark of the newest Everun Note. The benchmark came from Raon Digital and here is what Steve says about it:

Raon have sent over some early marketing material for the Everun Note and theres a whole lot of interesting information in it. The most interesting is a set of Crystal Mark test results that are showing stunning processing performances figures that are way faster than anything on the UMPC and netbook market. It blows the 1.3Ghz Core-based Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium out of the water and netbooks are going to look extremely slow beside it!

Ok, I have been collecting benchmarks scores in all UMPCs here and that score in that benchmark is just too good to be true. If that score is real we have the first UMPC/Netbook with a performance hard to reach even in the best Laptops available in the market. We have a champion, a Gold Medal. Sorry Raon Digital, I know that your guys read my posts and I have to be clear, being a fact that this benchmark comes from you, the makers of that machine I can't post this score in my table until I see a confirmation from somebody else. The number is unrealistically good. 

The Raon Digital's Everun Note is the first UMPC/Netbook using an AMD Dual Core processor. AMD has been used by this company before and the performance was not too good in those machines. Another point was heat, these machines ran a little bit "hot" so this opens another question, would be able to fry bacons in the Everun Note using this AMD Dual Core processor? What's the battery life in this machine?

Again... Raon Digital, I hope that you reply back with more data because this screen shot has opened a Pandora Box.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Netbook from Raon Digital

20080812133134590Raon Digital, the maker of the Everun and Vega UMPCs will release soon a new UMPC, this time it's a Netbook called Everun Note, according to news published today at Aving USA.

Weighing 742g, the EVERUN NOTE features a 7-inch LCD screen with 1,024*600 resolution, 1.3M webcam, Bluetooth connectivity, and electronic dictionary function. Running on Windows XP Home Edition, it can has various storage space ranging from 12GB SSD to 80GB HDD.

This UMPC will use an AMD Turion 64x2 Dual Core 1.2GHz, 1MB L2 Cache and an ATI Graphic card with 32 Mb of DDR2 Memory. This will be the first Netbook using a Dual Core processor but AMD so still we don't have any numbers to compare the performance of this device with the others of it's kind in the market.