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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Surface Pro is a PC

Finally the head of the Microsoft Surface Division says what I have been saying since the beginning. The Surface PRO is not a Tablet, it's a PC, he says. I hate to correct him a little bit but I will. Mr. Panay, what you call PC is being known as Tablet PC since long time ago. The Surface RT is in fact a Tablet according to the concept created by Nokia, Google and Jobs. The Surface PRO is  a TabletPC according to the concept created by Bill Gates in 2001.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And the updates keep coming

It's good to see how Microsoft keep updating individual Apps that are part of the OS such as Mail, Calendar and People. And this is something that differentiate the update process from Microsoft to the one from Apple were everything comes in the shape of firmware updates.

In todays update a lot of improvements were done and more details about them can be found here.  Another good news was posted at Surface Blog. Panos Panay acknowledged the Limited Connectivity Issue in Surface RT and the lack of pressure functionality in Adobe Photoshop with Surface Pro and expressed Microsoft's commitment to fix these issues.

Monday, March 25, 2013

And nobody says anything

Google has been selling Chromebook for around two years already. Today it has been published around the Web that in all this time the amount of units sold of this device is around 500,000. The interesting thing is that Microsoft reportedly has sold the same amount of Surface RT in just few months but I do not read in any big "technology" news site that Chromebook is a fiasco.

Why the same number is so bad for Microsoft and no so for Google? Why Microsoft is constantly and furiously attacked and other companies are not so much?