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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windows 7 running in a Samsung Q1 - video

Here is a video published by TheDigitalLifeStyle.com showing W7 in a Samsung Q1P.

As you can see the endless HDD access practically has disappeared and everything moves a lot better in my opinion and comparing it to Vista.


  1. tested also with q1 ultra. work very well!!!

    all driver ok. panning is beautiful.

    work ok also your miniusb driver .

    but now i want rotating and zoom tool for one finger

  2. Yes Frank. window 7 is the unic OS that i want in q1. I installed also origami 2 experience that have a "theme" width big button for close minimize and expand.

    Your driver is very good. but now i see in youtube that egalax have a driver for multitouch. it's possible to have a experimental version on q1 width window 7 ?? Please help me in multitouch or in emulation of multitouch. Now the windows in superbar can accept a message for rotating and zoom in and out.

  3. Wow this is fantastic! I was just re formatting my Q1 after installing 2gig's of ram and stumbled on this post. I would like to try this if you have been able to get the sound to work? Thanks for the info.

  4. The sound is working using the default Microsoft driver. Of course, you will lose the surround capabilities of the original driver but to me that's small price to pay.

  5. thanks again for showing that this works. I have my Q1 up and running on W7 and so far I am impressed with it. my friend tried Vista on his Q1 and had to switch back to XP because it was to slow, so I was skeptical that this would work. The one thing that isn't working is video playback. have you had any luck with the video drivers yet?

  6. No problem with video playback using the Intel drivers from Ms Update option.

  7. this is the Driver that I have installed. Intel 915gm/gms,910gml Express. Is that the one that Works?

  8. Uninstall it and let W7 to reinstall it again.

  9. Did you get the hardware buttons to work on the samsung q1?
    I have one of the older ones as well, if the hw-buttons would work i'd install windows 7..

  10. I was more worry about performance at that time than anything else. I did not try to install or configure the buttons.


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