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Monday, October 20, 2008

The war of the giants continues

In a typical Apple’s move this company has released two new tv adds good enough for a laugh.

Again, no too much about what I should switch to Apple but what Microsoft “is doing wrong”. I wonder who has wasted more money in TV Adds because for years I have seen on TV are these Apple’s Adds.


  1. It's only a waste if the ads are ineffective. And, like it or not, you noticed them, and they got you talking about them. The Microsoft ads, on the other hand, you apparently didn't even notice.

    What's a bigger waste? Ads which get a reaction, or ads that no one even notices?

  2. You are wrong, I have posted about those too.

  3. Sorry, my mistake.

    I notice you didn't mention anything about whether the Microsoft ads were a waste of money, even though the reaction to them were generally negative. In fact, you mention "the relevant thing is that they are talking about you." By that measure, I wonder if it makes any sense for you to wonder if anyone is wasting their ad dollars.

  4. No. I actually always was asking myself why microsoft never before wasted a dollar to reply back to apple.

    Microsoft has enough money for both taking care of Vista and spend in Adds.


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