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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Switching to digital is easy

This video could seem funny but it really made a point. Check it.


  1. Hulu only works in the U.S. Frank.

  2. I concur. Someone watch it and tell us if it's funny.

  3. Yeah! I know, that video was anyway for Americans. Next year, in february we are switching to digital tv so all our old tvs wont be receiving any signal over the air. So, they are asking people to buy a box which will convert the digital signal from the antenna into analog. They say it's a simple thing to do. They have in the video an old lady, like 90 year old figuring how to connect that box, into her old (40 years old) TV. Just to give an idea, there is like a guy telling her what to do, and in one part he says that the process is very simple and it can be found at www.aaaaa.gov (a web site) and the lady asks him... How many Ws? hehehe
    It was really funny!
    BTW, the video is not mine, it's like a TV show that they are showing in hulu, that's why it's only for Americans, hulu shows only TV shows created for the American audience and it's paid by targeted adds.


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