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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

W7 = better performance

I have been testing W7 in my old Samsung Q1 Celeron UMPC and one thing that I have been saying and saying again is that W7 performs a lot better than Vista. Today Jason Dunn has published a very interesting article from where I’m taking this picture.


It’s a comparison between the Vista and Windows 7 about the amount of memory used by both systems and the relation with the amount of windows opened. The amount of memory used by Vista increase with the amount of windows opened. In Windows 7 it does not matter how many windows do you have opened, the amount of memory used stays the same.


  1. Hi Frank,

    I'm testing Win7 on my Q1P and it runs great. The only trouble I'm having is with the digitizer -- I can't get the calibration to reach the edges of the screen.

    I've seen info on the egalax drivers and I've tried both sets of drivers on their website. The more recent driver causes my digitizer to stop responding. The latter one doesn't do much better (and won't uninstall, heh).

    Do you have any tips? A blog post would be best, but a response here is fine, too. Or e-mail me -- jrronimo@gmail.com


  2. I used the one I posted in this site a while ago.


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