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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Humans have short memory

I'm going to post today a fragment of an article where I have removed the Operating System name in a few places. 

[Operating System Name in here] is also a Trojan horse that enables Mr Gates and a horde of even less welcome folks to invade your privacy, exploit your computer and empty your wallet.

So why are all these idiots in computer stores drooling at the prospect? Answer: because [Operating System Name in here] is a monstrous, bloated brute that requires a state-of-the- art PC and two gigabytes of hard disk space before it will even say 'hello'. This means any consumer foolish enough to want to run [Operating System Name in here] will probably have to buy a new PC.

Does not this sounds familiar to you? is not it like the author is talking about Vista? Well, be surprised, this article was posted at The Observer, in October 21st of 2001 and it was talking about Windows XP. The same Windows XP that many are now recommending to stay with instead of installing Vista.

Have you heard of Mojave Experiment? Click in the link and check the videos in there. They are self explanatory.

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