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Monday, August 04, 2008

VIA Nano-based OpenBook vs. Intel Atom-based Asus Eee PC

A few days ago I reported about a benchmark comparison between the Atom CPU and the VIA Nano where the last one was scoring higher. I have to confess that my previous experiences with VIA were far from being too good from the point of view of video performance. I had a lot of problems with my old Amtek T700 to get any kind of video playing well. Then I tested the OQO 02 where the graphics were a little bit better but still not there. But today I got this video from VIA where they put the VIA Nano under a test using a video that I know very well and that I have used in many of my tests. And the Nano passed that test without any hesitation. But that's not all. They put an Asus Eee PC with an Intel Atom processor under the same tests and check yourself the results in this video.

I have to add that I liked this video. It's aggressive but fair. In the last two years Intel has done anything but to play with consumers using their reputation as main marketing tool.  


  1. Just bullshit.


  2. Thanks Pierre. JKK is my friend and I know how good is him optimizing any device. Of course, the VIA's Openbook I'm almost sure it was optimized too.


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