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Friday, July 16, 2010

Jobs’ logic made me vomit!

"Less than 1% of our users called Apple Care". It comes into my mind a young friend of mine that told me that he does not care if he could not make a call in the case of an emergency, the important thing was to own an iPhone 4!

"Other phones have the same problem" Come on Steve! According to you the iPhone 4 is the best phone out there! It's not just any phone but the best one! And for the record, even Consumer Reports found this issue to be bigger in the iPhone 4 than in all other phones that they have tested. To say that all others, like NYT and Consumer Reports are wrong is just another proof of your huge arrogance and disrespect for others including customers and share holders.

I did not hear a word of apology! That's the bottom line! To say that Apple is not perfect is not good enough!

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  1. Dude, I tested an iPad this evening and I couldn't believe the weight. It is almost not usable!

    Magic? I would say gymnastic


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