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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Q1b vs Q1p

If you still asking yourself which one to buy between these two devices here is video that could help you a lot shot by Steve at UMPCPortal.com.

VIA processor could have a wonderful battery life but... video sucks on them. Period. I could not find any other way to say this.


  1. Seems ok to me on the T770 seen on the same site :)

  2. Would be good to ask Steve a side by side comparison.

  3. go there and you will see the same video as used in the vid review for the Q1b. The new T770 handles video and all the rest much better than the Q1b.


  4. As far as I know it's the divx video but not the HD video. In the HD video is where you can see the difference. The Intel chips can run it without any problem while the VIA can't. That's the test I would like to see.

  5. In XP, I'm fine with Q1b's video. I don't play games and Q1b runs divx movies without problem. The other day, I installed Vista on Q1b, and surprisingly the performance was acceptable. That was until... I tried to play a divx movie. Maybe it was a bad driver, but the play was so choppy, I immediately went back to XP.
    I sometimes wish Q1b is more powerful, but I still believe extra 2 hours of battery time is more valuable than better performance.

  6. Let's but it in this way. I can increase battery life by using a extended battery or a power bank but I can't in anyway make my UMPC processor more powerful than what it is.


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