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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

CrystalMark Benchmark

Crystalmark is a benchmark tool that can be downloaded here. I did not know about this program until today when it was mentioned by Chippy when he was talking today about the Korean Q1 Ultra review.

In that review they ran CrytalMark in that device getting a score of 13112. When I get home today I'll run this benchmak in my Q1 and eo v7110, and in the Vega UMPC to compare the results.


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  2. Just got 18703 in my Q1 900 celeron. The ultra cannot be 25% slower surely? Wheres the progress? I am so looking forward to the ultra as well!

  3. there should be some kind of mistake them. The Q1 Ultra has a Vista score of 1.7 while the Q1 is just 1.

  4. It is strange. I ran the program and clicked the benchmark button and waited for the test suite to finish and it ended with the above score. I also had a couple of programs open as well!

  5. I guess the scores will be lower on the Ultra. Its the same core as the Q1 and Q1P but clocked slower (about 15%) with less cache.

    Vista score comes from GPU (GMA 950)

    Q1 Ultra is nice to use despite slower CPU. Just like the 500Mhz Kohjinsha. Proves that clockrate doesnt really count for much!


  6. Steve, I'll post in about a hour a few more numbers, but if that score from the benchmark program is lower i the Ultra that means that in overall this machine will perform worse even when in some tasks it will out perform the Q1p.

  7. Maybe a case of overclocking our Ultras slightly. Having said that the 900 celeron really hasnt bothered me like i thought it would.


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