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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weather ForeCast from my UMPC

I'm sure that more than once you have been asked by your wife or kids if is going to rain where you live. and what you are going to say? Well, in my case what I have been doing since a year ago or so is to use Google Earth. I created a layer feeding it with picture from one of our local news paper that is refreshed with the same picture name every 10 minutes of so, this picture is from a Radar located close to where I live. The problem with my system is that it gave me a snapshot of the current situation but I was not able from there to find out if the storm were coming toward me or were going away unless I waited for 10 minutes for the next refresh. And sometimes that did not help me a lot.

Well, I found that at radar.weather.gov you can download an animated layer that shows you the radar changes in the last few hours.

Video: Weather Forecast from my UMPC

Using this animated layer in Google Earth installed in my UMPC I can predict the weather at anytime I need pleasing my wife and kids wit an accurate answer.


  1. That's a usa-only solution dont forget.

  2. yes, you are right, but is not time to show other countries what EEUU organizations do to help us consumers? ;)


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