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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Q1p with 2 GB of RAM

Kevin at JKonTheRun has upgraded his Q1p with 2 GB of RAM and it works! Both the Q1p and the Q1 use the same BIOS so I just ordered 2 GB to install it in my Q1.


WOW! That's a real good news!


  1. Frank - I got an original Q1 used which I bought with the 1 meg upgrade already installed. You have the same model, don't you?

    Like you, I'm really itching to do this upgrade - but I'm over in east Asia and can't order it here. I am coming back to the US in a few days for about a week and am thinking I'll purchase one then.

    Do you think you'll try this out sometime in the next few days or so.... please?


  2. I just ordered one a few hours ago. I should get it this Friday or Monday.


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