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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Anybody speaks Spanish?

You never know, probably I have few readers that understand Spanish and probably they do not know that I have been working as freelancer for the last few months for todoUMPC, the biggest Spanish community and one of the biggest community in the World about UMPC.

As part of this job I have been capturing videos from the screen of my Q1 to show what can be done in these devices and in some cases how can be done. So, if you understand Spanish I invite you to watch the more of 25 short videos that I have capture for todoUMPC.

Edit: I forgot to mention that all those videos were capture and edited in a Samsung Q1 with a Celeron Processor. Ah in case you want to know I used CamStudio (this is a wonderful freeware that worked very well in XP), CapturePad (Vista), Adobe Premier 5 and Windows Movie Maker.

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