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Thursday, May 17, 2007

If it has a keyboard it's good

Yeah, when the Origami concept started about a year ago all the specialized press called the next Microsoft fiasco because the concept did not have a keyboard included. Now that some companies are about to release some UMPC with integrated keyboards or wannabe keyboards the press has changed the song to something more like "now they fixed it, they added keyboard so it's good".

[Video courtesy of JKK]

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  1. This is ridiculous. I did the great debate about slate vs. convertible a couple of years. I was totally convinced that what I really wanted was a small convertible like the flybook or the Fujitsu p1610. But then two things happened that brought me to my senses:
    1. I actually tried to type on a keyboard that small.
    2. I discovered how great Vista's handwriting is.

    I have a small USB keyboard that is actually the same pitch as the flybook, and I can't type on it to save my life. I also have owned several PocketPC folding keyboard over the years and I know, that for me anything less that full pitch (e.g. thinkoutside) isn't going to cut it. This point was really driven home watching JK spin his Fujitsu around with the integrated keyboard away from him so he could unfold his Thinkoutside BT keyboard to type. -I mean, why are you hefting around that built in keyboard then?

    Also I have been, and still use the pocket PC all the time. I have come to expect - like many others that handwriting recognition is just going to be painful and error prone. But with Vista I can scrawl away at full speed with my sloppy handwriting and it magically knows what I mean. I think this is the real kicker. I've used alot of thumb boards, and I know I can write faster than I can thumb tap, so which would I choose? Handwriting of course. Again, I don't have to carry around something I don't need.

    The bottom line is that people are just hung up on the notebook computer form factor. The UMPC is not a notebook, it is a different class altogether.


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