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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Windows Live Writer Beta 2

CaptureWindows Line Writer is getting. better. This is the second fine I test it in a UMPC and I'm impressed with the amount of Plugins released since last time I checked.

But there still one problem that was present in version 1, it still no optimized at all for 800x480. It's usable but you have to use the insert menu to get access to some of the Plugins that are not shown in the right panel due to the lack of space there. The screen shot in this article shows the Live Writer running at 800x600 resolution treat seems to be the minimum recommended for this program.

This is one of typical Microsoft problems, they create a Monster and then forget that the Monster exist. In this case, they brought to the world UMPCs using this resolution and then forgot to work for that resolution. This is one of the point where I think that the Origami Team could have helped the whole community a lot serving as a bridge between the community and Microsoft to look for a solution for these cases.

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