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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Q1 Ultra reviewed at PC World

Keep in mind that so far I have not seen any good review about UMPC coming from this or any other of those so called "tech magazine". And this one from PC World needs to be read carefully to find out what is the truth behind each word. For example, the author claims that the battery life in a Samsung Q1 is 1.75 hours, when I can say for sure that is around 2 hours. No big difference, I know, but them, he claims that the Q1 Ultra has a battery life of 4.5. Is this number right? The author find good that Samsung added a keyboard but at the same time he says that is good enough to type a short email. Well, I completely agree with him. To me that keyboard is just to calm down those tech magazines and other people asking for keyboards. I do not deny that having that keyboard will open new opportunities for gamers which could not play all games in the old UMPCs because there was not enough hot keys to play.

The rest of the review does not give me anything new to comment here. The same bla bla bla...

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