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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Help me to see the WOW factor in Q1 Ultra

If you ask me, I do not see any reason why I should put on ebay my Q1 to buy this one. The amount of new things that the Ultra brings does not reach the point that I consider needed to make me jump into a new device.

1-If you check Vista score you will notice that it runs Aero but with a score of 2.0 and our Q1 has a score on that chapter of 1.9
2-It has a keyboard, but it's not the kind of keyboard where I can type 60 wpm. And I really not a "I-NEED-A-KEYBOARD" kind of guy, when I need to type 60 WPM and use my BT Stowaway Sierra Keyboard. The rest of the time I feel my device lighter thanks to the absence of a keyboard.
3-It has a fast phone connectivity, yeah, but if you have a Cingular account and you are willing to pay a lot of money monthly. And beside that, I switched from Cingular to T-Mobile about 6 month ago when I got tired of the bad service of Cingular in my area. The Q1 will not make me to go back to Cingular. On top of that, if you ask me, what I want to see in these devices is WiMax, in Florida we have only two cities with WiMax but I'm hopping to see it everywhere soon.
4-It has a new processor, yes, but it's not more powerfull than current Pentium M or Celeron.
5-More Battery Life, probably if you do not run Aero, but so far for 100 dollars I can have the same battery life in my Q1.

If you are a gamer probably you will see some advantage on that keyboard and it's design in both sides of the Q1.

As you can see... At least in this device I do not see anything "WOW".


  1. The Q1 Ultra is more of an evolutionary improvement rahter than a revolutionary improvement.

    The biggest benefit of the Q1 Ultra over the original is the screen.

    I agree with each of your points not being enough to make one need to upgrade. However a native resolution of 1024x600 is a compelling improvement.

  2. A higher resolution in a 7 inches screen is not that appealing to me. In another hand, keep in mind that in that resolution you have some stretching going on in the horizontal because of the screen shape, that means that circles are not going to be circles for you anymore.

  3. How do you know there is stretching?
    Have you had one in your hands?
    It's a native 1024x600 resolution. That would be ridiculously stupid if Samsung released a screen that didn't have square pixels.

  4. Optimal resolution will vary for people but one of the biggest drawbacks of the current Q1 is that many apps are simply not optimized for an 800 pixel wide screen whereas they pretty much are for a 1024 pixel wide screen. Some people might prefer the 800x480 resolution but I think for the vast majority a native 1024x600 screen is a huge improvement.


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