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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why I use a screen protector

A picture says more than thousand words.


You can see in this picture the huge amount of scratches in the Boxwave screen protector. Can you imagine all these scratches in the real screen? In less than a year this Q1 will and on ebay or in the hands of one of the readers of this page, and all these scratches could decrease the value of this unit in a few dozen of dollars.


  1. I picked up the boxwave anti-glare not too long ago and it is already scratched up much like that. I'm not impressed with it. I have a screen protector on my Ipaq 4700 that I've been using for years now and it looks perfect.

  2. And what's better scratches in the protector or in the real display?;)

  3. I agree with the SP. I always use one.

    Frank, is the Q1 your only computer you use everyday? Do you hook it up to a monitor? Or do you have a desktop and the Q1 is a companion?

  4. At home, yes, that's the only PC. I have a desktop that I turn on only when I want to rip a DVD to watch in my Q1.

    My Q1 have replaced my real main PC which is a laptop. In my Q1 I have been posting, browsing, programming using VS, movie editing using Adobe Premier 6 and Movie Maker (10 mins movies, no big movies) and picture editing. So I would consider it now my main PC no a companion PC.

    I do not use any external monitor, mouse or anything. The only thing that I use external to my Q1 is a BT keyboard when I want to write long articles because I want to go faster than handwriting them.

  5. I have found, on my Sony UX, that scratches on the screen are highly visible when the display is turned off, but hardly noticable (if at all) when the display is on. This goes for smugs as well.

    Just my $0.02.

  6. I think that in all UMPC and PPC is the same. Off they are noticeable. But I have also found that when people are buying PPC and any kind of touch screen device, this is the first thing they check. Probably because that tells them how much the unit has been used.

  7. Does the fact that you have a screen protector make your touch screen less sensitive? where i'm going at... some sort of palm rejection ... maybe?? Is anyone working on some application to help that issue?

  8. I do not have an exact answer to your question. I think that it should decrease a little bit the screen sensitivity but no that much to be noticeable. At least that's my experience and I have been using them in all my PPCS and now my UMPCs since long time ago.

    I have noticed a lot better palm rejection in my Q1 since I'm using the HID eGalax driver in my Q1.

  9. thanks i installed the HID dirver, AWESOMe by th way. i'll just have to see if i notice any difference myself with the screen protection.


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