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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OQO Receives Two Awards

OQO has received 2 Awards for Innovation and Leadership according to a "Press Release of OQQ Inc"

"OQO is honored to be recognized by Red Herring and PC Plus as a leading technology innovator and pioneer in mobile computing technology," continued Jay Shiveley, CEO of OQO. "These awards highlight the accomplishments of our team and establish OQO as the standard for UMPC-Pro computing. The market demands more from the UMPC category, and the model 01+ is our answer. These awards validate our success in meeting the market's demands."

I'm glad to see that they are having a success in what they have called UMPC-Pro Computing (my guess is that the PRO comes from higher price in the UMPC Catergory competing only with Sony). But I would be a lot happier if I see OQO competing under the mark of 1000 dollars.

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