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Monday, July 03, 2006

CTitanic has a new home

Since Yesterday I'm officially posting news at UMPCBuzz. Since Origami Project was revealed by Microsoft I felt attracted by this concept and I have been posting news about it here in my blog and then in few other forums including UMPCBuzz. And this news was reposted in front page later by Layne Heiny, the brain behind UMPCBuzz. Layne is currently busy in his doctoral studies and thought that once I'm posting all this material in his Forum l could help him if I post it in the main blog (Front Page). In a very peculiar way he just added me as administrator and with that came the "privilege" of posting in his main page. What an honor! Well, thanks Layne.

So now all you know guys, you can read my "Broken English" news here and at UMPCBuzz.

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