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Friday, July 07, 2006

New eo Extended Battery Picture.

A new picture of the extended Battery for eo V7110 has been posted this time by Pocket Solutions, reseller of TabletKiosk UMPCs in UK.

Source: CarryPad


  1. she is very beaufifull. im very happy. i have order this battery at tabletkiosk. thanks for the picture.

  2. I agree
    this design looks a lot better than the Q1 Extended Battery.

  3. just for the fun i used the eo this day in lascaux at perigord, the prehistoric and foie gras state in france !! with data mobile, is perfect !!

  4. All batterys normal and extended are on the Tabletkiosk site this day !!

  5. Yes, and they are using this same picture!

  6. cititanic,
    my eo itslabel battery have 1h40 with bluetooth on, but wifi off.
    is that normal ?


  7. Anything with WiFi and BT on within 1:40 to 2:00 is normal in eos. When we had the battery issue we were getting only 1:20.

  8. thanks, ctitanic.

    the eos in france are imported by itslabel.

    the eos itslabel are amtek T700.

    do you knows if the eos tabletkiosk are also manufactured by amtek ? or pbj ??

    do you knows if the issue eos in usa is amtek models ? or pbj ?

    best regards.

  9. All of them have just one maker, Amtek. All of them are Amtek T700. As far as I know the battery issue was present only in the first batch sold in USA.

  10. for information, the origamis itslabel for french market :


  11. That's the same FCC ID than the TabletKiosk here.

  12. ok...

    my origami itslabel is belong to
    the first batch sold in france in may...

    and the battery have 1h35 with brightness on only 30 and bluetooth on but wifi off.

    with brightness on 50. only 1h25.

    there are not recall plan for the moment in france.

    do you think is necessary ?

    best regards.

  13. last question :
    do you know exactly the technics changes after the firsts models and recall plan ?
    thanks !

  14. Put brightness at 25%. turn off BT and WiFi and Play a movie and tell me how long your battery last.

    In this condition you should get more than 1:45

    About what to do I think that you should contact them and Ask how long the battery should last. If you don't get what they say ask for a fix.

  15. thank you very mutch, ctitanic.
    what the fast and good action for turn off the bluetooth ?

  16. Move the BT shortcut from Start Up to your Desktop.


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