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Friday, July 07, 2006

What is ritePen?

Yesterday I was reporting here about me testing ritePen. But probably some of you entering in the Tablet PC world thanks to these magnificent Origamis do not know what is ritePen. And probably many of those who found out what it is thought that having the Tablet PC recognizer from SP2 you don't need such software as ritePen.

ritePen is "is an advanced handwriting recognition software for Windows-based pen computers." And the most important feature to me is that it combines its own recognition engine with the native Windows recognition. So if you thought that Windows Recognition was good enough now you have a tool that allows to have a more powerful recognition.

Another advantage of ritePen is that it allows you to write in anywhere in your UMPC screen. And on top of that it allows you to use gestures for common tasks such as Copy, Cut, Paste and Undo.

Like I said Yesterday, it's a little bit tricky to make it work properly in eos due to a combination of things like the touch screen type, video chip not being use properly, video drivers no properly optimized, etc. But once you get used to it and you tweaks a little bit your eo, you are going to love it.


  1. For an in-depth review of using ritePen on a Tablet PC go no further than jkOnTheRun:


  2. I tried ritePen on my Q1 and I didn't suffer the issue you described.

  3. The Q1 screen is more sensitive than eo screen another point is that we have the the mouser pointer from synaptics something that the Ql does not have. And finally, the Q1 has a better and well known video chip.


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