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Friday, July 28, 2006

eo V7110 on ebay

Yes, you can buy them on ebay now. There is a guy asking 1700 dollars for an eo with 1 GB and 60 GB 7200 RPM HDD! Wow!


  1. CTitanic,

    I'm looking for your honest opinion here. My wife is thinking of buying a UMPC, and she is eyeing the EO(Not this one on EBAY!)

    Now that they have fixed the batty life issue, what are you really getting?

    How's the WIFI on the new units? Also, can they play the same games as the Q1? Or is it better or worst?

    What's your opinion.



  2. I'm getting around two hours of browsing.

    Mike, the video chip in Q1 is better them tue one in eos because it is better known.

    If You are looking for something to entretein your wife then better buy a Q1. The eo is a better productivity tool due to the presence of a mouse stick and better button layout.

  3. Well, I have a Q1, and the reason she doesn't want one is because of the non-mouse stick. That's why she wants the EO.

    She plays games like freedom force, which was made years ago.

    It runs perfectly on the Q1, but it's unplayable because of the non-mouse stick.

  4. I tested some games a while back and posted about it here. May be that will give you an idea of how the lo performs.

  5. Can you configure the Page up, and Page down button, to Mouse scroll up and down instead on the EO?

  6. i am a lover of the eo but the very next origamis like daewoo founder will be better than eo and Q1...

    and 2 hours is no acceptable, sane th calor of the Q1.

  7. ...and fhe Asus also, of course...
    the commercial life of the EO will end with the launch other origamis. Asus and Daewoo Founder have a tracpoint mouse.

  8. will I like the eo design. Tobe honest I do not think to sell my eo until I see real changes in design, shape and battery life.

  9. my reflewion related to especially those which do not have a umpc yet...

    for those which have already a eo, it is too late…

    vis-a-vis very nearest competition, one should not buy eo.

  10. I think the very next Archos AV604 will be a UMPC Killer...


  11. That looks to me more like an ipod killer than an UMPC killer.


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