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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Intel is killing PC Gaming

According to Epic Games Boss Mark Rein Intel is killing the PC Game Industry by promoting integrated graphics chips which cannot play modern games:
"I see the potential for a catastrophic failure in the PC gaming market out of this," he said. "The functionality of these chips is way, way below par, and it skews the development economics. For example, a game like Gears of War - there's just no way we can make that run. We can dumb it down to run on a lower-end 7-series or 6-series NVIDIA GPU; we can dumb it down to run on an ATI X1300, something of that nature - but it just will not scale down to Intel integrated graphics. It's just not possible."

And later he added:
"Statistics show that people are moving to laptops in record numbers - laptops, as we know, are generally not upgradeable," he continued. "What I think is happening is that we're actually losing PC gamers in record numbers. People are going out and buying new computers at prices they feel should be fairly reasonable, and they're ending up with computers that make games look horrible."
Hey Mark, this is not an Intel problem only, what about VIA?

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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