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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Toshiba gets an F

I learned about how bad Toshiba's Tech Support was when I bought my e740 around 4 years ago. So Today I was very happy to see how "Better Business Bureau" gave Toshiba an F for it's bad service in USA.

Complainants allege defective merchandise and failure to honor warranty claims. Many customers who purchased Toshiba Laptop computers claim the units have an overheating problem due to malfunction of the cooling fan. Other complainants allege delays when computers are sent to the service department for repairs. Some report their computer has been returned two or three times for the same problem, or, that repairs performed did not remedy the problem. The company responds to some complaints by offering additional repairs, or explanations of warranty provisions. Some complaints are unresolved, meaning customers are not satisfied with the company's response. Many other complaints remain unanswered.

This company is one of those companies that sometime I wonder if they have anyone speaking in English in their offices in Japan. During the year that I had the e740 I wrote dozens of emails to every CEO email that I could find posted on the web and I never got any reply back. Toshiba USA and null is the same thing. They do not know anything of anything and they are always ready to blame Toshiba in Japan for every single problem. That's why I was so happy when at the beginning of this year they said that they were not thinking about to release any UMPC. I think that we have already enough problems to add the incompetence of such company.

Source: GottabeMobile

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  1. I had similar problems with a laptop running Windows 98. I sent it in for a new modem, and they promised to leave my hard drive alone. Instead, they erased it and sent it back with no operating system. I had to send it back a second time, argue with them, and they sent it back again with no operating system. After I wrote the Attorney General's Office, they agreed to have someone local resintall the operating system. I had to drop it off on the other side of town (I don't have a car), pick it up, then spend 10 hours reinstalling all my software and Windows patches. They still thought I should pay them for this, and so my credit card company reversed the charge. They only reason they have an "F" is because the grade system doesn't go any lower....


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