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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hugo Ortega compares the eo and the Samsung

Carripad is informing about two videos released by Hugo Ortega where he compares the eo and the Samsung UMPC. According to Hugo, who owns both machines and has been using both for a long time now, the eo is the productivity winner within these two machines due to the presence of a joystick kind of mouse and more enter buttons. If you are using a lot Dialkey or you are planning to use more the DialKey or the touch functionality of the display with your fingers then the Samsung Q1 is the winner. For inking, the winner again is the eo V7110. In the multimedia department, the Samsung is the winner; two speakers, mic, AVNow, are features that help a lot in this category. Stylus, the winner here is the eo V7110, Hugo has a very bad opinion of the Q1 Stylus, he says that it's ugly and no functional at all. Changing the resolution, the eo is the winner again. The final verdict of Hugo is that the Samsung is the multimedia machine ready for movies, music, etc. The eo is better productivity tool for professionals.

Here is the link for the video no 1 and the link for the video no 2.

In my opinion this is the best review and the only one at this moment that compares both machines showing users what to expect of each one of them. Bravo Hugo!

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